Anna sees the Divine aspects of you and loves helping you work towards embodying more of this


Connect & Speak sessions with Anna offer deep conversation, reflective insights, intuitive guidance, practical life skills & energy support tools if needed. Dissonance Clearing and  Guided Recap sessions are also available. For serious spiritual seekers Anna offers mentorship and energetic assistance plus Cosmic Life Force Energy System Training.  

Throughout any session you will be encouraged to release density so you can live in a lighter way. To transcend and expand. To find wisdom, truth, compassion and love.

At all times your session is about you, your soul and the support of your greatest well being to live a more balanced and happier life. Please note that sometimes Anna can be blunt. Her direct approach stems from clear-seeing, love, compassion and a sincere desire to help you access NOW moment living flow.

Your input is required

Although instant transformation is entirely possible, in general, transformation is incremental, like the layers of an onion ring peeling back. If you are called to work with Anna then you must be prepared to take responsibility for yourself, and put in the time and effort and time to work on yourself. This is how we all move into more LIGHT. In other words, miracles abound, but usually much chopping of wood and carrying water is required by you to achieve your miracle!

Before booking an appointment with Anna, be sure to read Your Self Responsibility Agreement in the website footer.


Connect & Speak with Anna session
45 mins:
1 hr:  $200
For extended sessions: add $50 each 15 mins

Learn Dissonance Clearing Technique: 1hr - $333
Guided Dissonance Clearing session: 45 min - $300
Guided Recap session: 2 hrs - $600

Sessions are usually by phone, zoom, FaceTime or skype.

On the day of your session

Anna strongly recommends that you rest or have a quiet day both before (if possible) and after your session. The reason being that you will be sitting together in vast amounts of Divine Cosmic Energy which Anna embodies intensely, particularly in sessions. 

Throughout your session you will be receiving powerful influxes of LIGHT and LOVE vibrations, even if you aren't aware (or fully aware) of it during your time with Anna. This will most likely be more than what you are used to and you may feel tired afterwards. You will need time and space to assimilate the energy. 

To book and confirm your session

1. Email or FB message Anna re what you are wanting to look at/explore in your session

2. Anna will contact you to organise an appointment time

3. Once you have an appointment time with Anna, make payment to confirm your appointment

4. On the day of your 1:1 Session appointment prepare yourself as covered in left hand column


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