Maya and the Golden Age

With the shift to the Golden Age in early March…the massive influx of Light is revealing the density within us and all around us. It is like the scene from Indiana Jones when the evil was released! 

This is extremely intense not only personally for many, but on a Global scale as well. It is revealing what needs to be shut down or dropped. What needs to be cut away. What needs to be put into neutral. It is revealing the hidden rot and the depths of how far the 3rd dimension is falling away now from the 5th. This is a frightening time for someone who does not have an understanding nor energetic tool kit to manage the energies. It is tremendously important not to remain caught in any illusion and fear. The Golden Age and actual admittance into the Golden Age demands all this and more. There is nothing fluffy about it. In light of this it is important to make choices that align with our absolute truth. This of course can be super challenging but the Golden Age/5th Dimension demands it of all of us who wish to enter and/or reside there. Our choices do not have to be necessarily announced to the world, they just need to be clearly made and the Cosmos will support the choice, whatever it is and life will unfold.

This deep clearing and alignment with our authentic essence is not for the weak willed!

I suggest now it is time to be super duper courageous and totally call for clear seeing and transmutation of your inner and outer Maya. Maya is the veil of illusion that covers our real nature and the real nature of the world around us. Illusion as in the shadow areas in our lives which we ignore and deceive others and ourselves with. We need to address how and why we hide our deepest truth from ourselves, and  we need to face all our mind density which is still not cleared. 

It is time to dig deep as Maya is the master of smoke and mirrors, if you put out your intention to have all your shadow and illusion (Maya) revealed...it will begin to happen. Then you can clear what arises through various methods  (whatever works for you in any given moment) and keep going until no stone is un-turned. If you feel ready, you can also visualise unplugging from the grid of Maya and Illusion. This will throw up many challenges but it must be gone through anyway if you wish to reside in peace, love, balance and harmony.

The Cosmic Life Force Energy is a powerful tool which will help with this process. 

I have been addressing and clearing my own Maya for many months now and it has been confronting and tough especially at times transforming my emotional responses. At the same time, it is super empowering and very freeing. Fear can hold no place in the process. Replace fear with trust in God and keep going.

Contact Anna to learn the simplest tools to clear Illusion.


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