Integrating the Golden Age Light influx

Hello fellow travellers! Firstly thank you so much for connecting through this blog. Secondly....the words need to get out there into the world so please like and then share this blog if you feel the same.

So here we are on the 29th March, 26 days after the huge shifts (please read my blogs from the 4th & 26th March re this). Some of you may be experiencing the ongoing shadow to clear, others may be clear but feeling the impact of trying to integrate a massive acceleration of Light. Many are currently in a mix of the two. Wherever you are, keep going! As the Golden Age opening gathers momentum, which it most surely is, one of the key things you can do is to make a choice to move there! Here are some questions to help you choose which frequency you are currently residing in:

Exactly where and how do I want to exist right now? 

Am I listening to my authentic truth arising from my essence?

Am I taking steps to follow my authentic truth?

Am I integrating my entire life or am I compartmentalising it? 

Am I holding on to 3D density and muck? If yes, why?

Am I fully embracing what it takes to shed away an old life to enter a new life?

Actually these are just a few questions...there are many questions to ask yourself which will help you find exactly where you are inhabiting this Cosmos. 

For anyone who is finding the Golden frequency is affecting your physical body's ability to hold the power of the Light influx, what I suggest is increasing your exercise, resting more, ignore the news as much as possible, stay off sugary foods, consciously connect with the elements of earth, air, fire, water, ether and the sun and planets, from time to time if required visualise you are discharging excess energy (like electricity) out through your hands and feet into the earth (give hands a good shake and feet a good stomp), when necessary...ask the Golden frequencies to give you a break. Make sure you name the exact break period required e.g. 2 days break or whatever. 

Finally as part of my own evolution and contribution to all life, I have opened up a Cosmic Integration Temple in the etheric Golden Realms for anyone who wants to utilise this. I do this through the training I received from the Cosmic Life Force Energy. To do this, first send me a message telling me your full name and that you will be using the Temple for Integration and then any time you want to enter the Temple simply say:  " My name is_(say your full name)__and I ask permission to enter the Golden Age Integration Temple now ."  Once you have done this you can visualise going into the space and you will receive help. This needs to be done overnight in bed or during any other time whilst you are sitting or lying down resting i.e doing nothing else. When you get up you will have automatically left the temple, like a default switch.You can use the Integration Temple as much us you want so long as you stick to the guidelines I just mentioned.

So I will leave this with you for now. I can't work out how to open comments on my blog yet so in the meantime please simply contact me to leave a comment or connect re any of my services.




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