One step at a time

One step at a time

In challenging times when the old ways are falling away in our lives, it is important to stay very centred.  We may have a passing emotion (e.g. I wept when Notre Dame burnt) but it passed very fast and I stayed centred. The easiest way to do this is to catch yourself each time you project your thoughts forward into any form of worry or busyness. Of course you must make you plans for the day, next day or specific events to come but do not let your self run forward of them. A river cannot run ahead of its natural flow. Copy this. 

If you watch yourself and persistently bring yourself to your centre, it will keep you in every present moment and you won't have to aspire to "being " present because you will be already present. Simple.

Whenever I catch myself moving forward in busyness or concern, I say to myself "one step at a time" and pull my energy back to my centre. I must say that in a surprisingly short space of time this easy centred way of being fully present has became my modus operandi. It can be yours too.

Awareness and action are the tools offered here. Use them and find yourself peaceful, ever present and relaxed.



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