No set play

No Set Play

I feel that it is time to free things up.  A friend and I just experienced an incredible, expansive and beautiful Spring Equinox because we had no set play! Yes we were holding the awareness of the Equinox vibration and the lead up to it. Yes we were pleased it was with us and we were in it. Yes we were together in nature to honour the flow of life AKA we "showed up"...however we did nothing on rote nor in a controlled way. We simply followed the true flow of where our authentic selves led us and magic blossomed. A conversation by a sacred stream created a huge clearing and release of old energies. An encounter with horses, dandelions and fantails turned into a deep love fest, and a slow walk to a special rock on an empty beach led to a life changing experience with the elements. 

Sometimes when we over plan and become inflexible, we miss the point and Alchemy dissipates.

As Spring rises for us in the Southern realms, I suggest showing up to this dynamic vibration by consciously loosening any reins you hold too tightly. 

Spring is a wild and free energy. 

Loosen your your grip, and let life flow. 

This is where the magic happens!

Anna xxxx

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