A fresh perspective on letting go

Imagine yourself standing on the bank of a happily flowing river. Notice that even though you are stationary, the happily flowing river keeps on flowing past you and this is a very refreshing experience.

Now imagine yourself trying to swim in a congested river, and being caught up in an eddy, debris or stagnant areas. Not so great right?

So here's the rub, we all have stuff we need to let go of. Stuff from the past, stuff from now. With this stuff comes our story of the suffering, trauma or challenge that brought us to our current self. Stories, the good the bad and the ugly, hold us in the idea of who we believe we are. 

Often we feel the need to let go of a story which is causing us discord but we just can't work out how to do it, even if we have read all the books and done the course LOL. 

So here's how to apply  a fresh perspective on "Letting go"...think about what you want to let go of then visualise that you are not letting go just for your own sake. Decide you are also going to let go for the benefit of all the people, situations, stories and energies that are  stuck to you because you won't let them go. Imagine how trapped they all are because you refuse to release them.

From the words of Saint Francis ...grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love....we can learn the power of releasing others for their benefit and not just our own good. 

All discord stems from a lack of love for self or others or, a lack of forgiveness for self or others.

How to do it
Stand by that free flowing river dear one, either literally or in your mind, connect with it's ongoing flow, take a moment to imagine how much better all concerned will feel when you finally release everything. Now using the power of flow ....... LET GO.  As you let go, have a sense or visualise everything flowing out of you, all that stuck energy, journeying off to the great Cosmic ocean where everything becomes pure and free. And so it is.

xxx Anna

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