The new Grounding

The new Grounding

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I am sure you have been told at some point..."you are not in your body or you're not grounded."

You probably then used various techniques to connect into the ground and tap into Mother Earth.

I am also sure that this was a bit hit and miss...sometimes great and other times you still felt "un-grounded and not in your body."

As part of the natural world, our bodies are made of earthy matter and thus we are genuinely already connected with the Earth. So how is it we can feel un-grounded?

What really happens  when we are un-grounded, is that our thoughts and minds are over loaded, over stimulated, relentlessly restless and over active along with too much work, too much distraction, too much talk, too much thinking, too much holding onto the past, too much screen time etc. All this leads to an over busy life with no proper down time, no creative outlets, no meditation, no true rest. Just reading this paragraph back feels un-grounding LOL!

Being un-grounded is actually being out of balance. 

Working for myself means I am always "on" but recently I took 4 days off as I was feeling really over baked.  I cancelled my travel and I consciously turned myself "off". Sounds so simple and, well, it was. My words to myself were "I am turning off my mind and resting my body." The results were phenomenal and on the 3rd day I felt so much better that I thought I might get back to work but my body wasn't having a bar of it and instantly put my neck out to stop any shenanigans! 

What impressed me the most was the clear contrast between being super busy, which can totally can become an unhealthy rut, and literally turning off and slowing right down. I not only loved it but now I've had a taste, I want more. 

Solution....seriously look to create opportunities to slow your thoughts and switch off your mind. I'm not talking binge watching Netflix here. I am talking periods of genuine rest and slower living, nature appreciation, gentle walks, proper food and less chat. Stop making excuses for why you don't have time to take a break and make it available to yourself. Prevention is always better than a cure right?

Helpful tip...on a regular basis, stop for a moment and say "I am in my body." and take a minute to really feel your physicality along with a nice slow breath. This works wonders.

Everything we need to physically survive is provided by Mother Earth. 

Stop at least once a day to smell her beautiful roses.

xxx Anna

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