Cosmic Connections

Are potent energy distillations, alignments and teachings curated by Anna

Do you want to learn more about our magical Cosmos?

Does the thought of exploring the Cosmos delight you?

Are there pieces missing in some of your current Cosmic connections?

Would you like a deeper perspective on some things?

Do you want to discover and connect with profound aspects of yourself?

Cosmic Connections can help you do this

Have you been wanting to connect with certain energies in the Cosmos?

E.g. an aspect of yourself, your Divine Essence, your Soul, your Spirit, a special Being, a Sacred place, a Cosmic Code, a specific Experience, an Energy Pattern, a Master energy, a Muse, a Celestial frequency, a Planet/Star/Sun, a Divine Energy, a unique time period, the Mer, Dolphins, Whales, Dragon, an Element, a Deity, a Tree...the list is endless

Choose from 2 Cosmic Connections package styles, Global or Bespoke


Purchase a Global Cosmic Connection package for $120

Make payment and then email Anna to order the Cosmic Connection Package you have selected. As soon as Anna receives your payment and order, she will email your global Cosmic Connection Package to you. Please make allowances for time differences if ordering from the Northern Hemisphere.

Global Packages include

pdf notes and a meditative recording of 20 - 30 minutes

Current Cosmic Connection Packages available:

More packages coming soon. Suggestions welcome

More about Global Packages

- Through your notes and meditative recording, you will go through a process of understanding what your Cosmic Connection (CC) selection is about and where is sits within the scheme of things. 

In your meditative recording you will receive a combo of some of the following:
- A Cosmic calling forth to your desired CC
 - Meditative attunements/alignments with your chosen CC
- Information which aligns you with your CC
- Tools, tips or practices for you to support your alignment

The overall experience has the capacity to take you profoundly into your connection, and depending on your level of engagement, will continue to unfold and deepen over many days, weeks months... 

Listen to your meditative recording as often as you choose. Each time you do you will go deeper into the connection


Bespoke Cosmic Connection Packages are for

- People who want a very specific experience and can't find it in the global package options

- Those who love a tailor made experience

- Advanced Souls who want to take their current Cosmic Connection into a greater expression


Purchase a Bespoke Cosmic Connection Package for $333

Click here to discover how the Cosmic Connection process works and which option you want to do.

Please email Anna if you need any assistance deciding which bespoke Cosmic Connection option is right for you.


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