Sound & Energy Harmonising sessions are for individuals, couples or groups.


If there's something you want to get in harmony with, whether it's conceiving a baby, conceiving an idea, connecting with something or somebody, connecting with a part of yourself, creating harmony and synergy between you and another or between a couple or group, this session is for you. 

Harmonise Sound & Energy sessions are super relaxing as well as potent. Anna curates the session using sound, instruments and music as she weaves her energy magic into the mix. Some clearing of blocks may be required and of course whatever else appears in the mix. 

Truly and utterly divine.

Format & Cost

Session Length:
1 - 4 participants: 1.5 hr
5 participants upwards: 2 hrs


1 person: $250
2 people: $300
For every additional person: $50 per person

At the start of your session you will have a short conversation with Anna. During the actual Harmonise Sound & Energy part you will be lying down.


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