Divine Healing

LIGHT shines into the darkness
And disperses it
Leaving spaciousness for LIGHT to gather
HEALING brings more LIGHT

HEALING is God's grace touching you; Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

Would you like to receive DIVINE HEALING?

Around the age of 27, I underwent a mystical experience which sparked an intense spiritual awakening and unwavering life long relationship with the Divine. At 33, I trained as a Spiritual Healer in Australia. Since then, Healing has underpinned all my work with humanity, animals, plants, living spaces, work spaces and the Earth. 

Healing is offered to assist people to live healthier happier lives. When necessary, healing brings comfort and support to those in the process of dying (and their support people). 

Each healing I do is completely unique to your needs and I will be guided as the energies unfold during the session, I use many different techniques.

All healings seek to create peace, balance, harmony and upliftment on all levels of Being including: body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit. They also involve clearing when required.

Format & Cost

Anna offers 2 forms of healing and all healings are done via long distance: 

 consists of a 1-hour session. The healing is generally booked to start at 8.30pm with you in bed. You will then stay there for the rest of the night either sleeping or relaxing. Getting up after the hour for a brief trip to the loo or drink of water is ok but then return to bed. Falling asleep during your healing is fine. The next morning you will receive a 5 -10 minute recorded message from me.

Before your session I need a written message of everything you would like to heal. Write this under the headings BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS, SOUL/SPIRIT where applicable.


2. "On the go" Mini DIVINE HEALING is a quick healing influx and surprisingly potent. Sutable for for everyone and everything. Especially good for sudden need e.g. a shock situation or onset of something. Helpful for challenging emotional or mental states as well.
There is no "lying down" required and no follow up message afterwards.

"On the go" Mini DIVINE HEALING COST: $45

Deep Energy Clearing

Cleansing & Clearing dense energy is a natural part of life. Just as we need to maintain our physical hygiene, we also need to maintain our Energy hygiene. Sometimes we can become swamped in negativity. Many people need help to Clear themselves which is why Anna offers Clearing Services.

Who would benefit from a Clearing?

Clearing & Cleansing is for anyone who knows they need it i.e. they have issues with negativity of any kind. It is also for those who want to maintain their overall well being. 

Clearing & Cleansing can be utilised as required or enjoyed on a regular basis to promote vitality and balance. 

Clearing supports your ability to maintain LIGHT within and around you.

Format & Cost

Clearings are done long distance. They start with a brief phone conversation, you then go and sit or lie somewhere quiet and undisturbed. When the Clearing is complete Anna will message you (by text, email or messenger) and you will also receive a 5 - 10 minute recorded message about the Clearing.

Anna will also give you some simple clearing tools to help you maintain your clearing. 

COST: $200



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