You are warmly invited to join our Light Crew spreading Divine Light vibrations, everywhere!

Do you have limited time, need to be super flexi but want to contribute to the greater good?

Would you enjoy being part of a team sending Cosmic Light far and wide?

Are you ready to embody more Light every day?

Beloved Soul, your Light work is needed right now.
Together as a Crew we can do more than you could possibly imagine.

How does it work?

Anna has developed an energy based Light Wave Programme when each time you do it, vast amounts of Cosmic Light are activated and sent out into the world to heal, uplift and enlighten all life. At the same time your own inner Light Energy increases which builds your inner power, strength and connection with God and the Cosmos.

You don't need to be 100% healthy or anywhere near perfect to be a Light Crew Volunteer, you are welcome exactly as you are! Joining the Light Crew is a journey in the Light, done at your own pace yet taken together.

How long will it take me?

The technical part of activating your Light Wave Program takes about 6 - 10 minutes but you can extend this part out to enjoy a lengthier experience. You can also choose how long you vibe with the post activation roll out i.e communing vibing and meditating within the energies. Even just doing the Light Wave Programme for 6 - 10 minutes will ripple out to benefit Mother Earth and all life upon her, for several hours, even days. The more you do it the more your Inner Divine Cosmic Light builds and the brighter you shine as you you go about your daily life. Take a moment to imagine the benefits of this, for one and all...

When to do it & what happens?

Do it anytime you want. Our Light Crew Volunteers love flexibility. The aim is for constant Light Wave Activations happening around the clock. Each time a Light Crew member does the programme, it fires up huge amounts of Cosmic Light. This Light then starts a Light Wave or joins other Light Waves already in momentum. You don't need to "direct" any energy as everything is designed to happen in perfect energetic flow. Simply put, you do your Light Wave Programme and activate Cosmic Light, then the collective Divine Light Energies supporting our Light Crew from the higher realms will allocate and/or distribute the Cosmic Light into Light Waves. Pretty awesome right?

Is it using my personal Light?

No it's not. The Light Wave Programme activates Cosmic Light energy and all the goodness carried within this. However the more you do the programme the more your inner Divine Cosmic Light builds up which means as you go about your daily life, your Light is naturally shining brightly into shadow, dispelling density and uplifting life wherever you go, within you too. This is an amazing by product of doing the Light Wave Programme for the planet. You will however, need to integrate all this Light which is building intensely within, and you will be given a Cosmic Life Force Energy Ray to support this.

The programme benefits both you and the Planet. Win Win!

Anna says

I have been working on this project for months, waiting until just the right formulation came together so Cosmic Light could be activated and delivered simply and safely by Light Crew Volunteers aka you!  The time has arrived and I am super excited to work with you all towards an unprecedented elevation happening around the planet (and beyond) as fast as possible.  Beloved Soul, your Light work is needed right now. Together as a crew we can do more than you could possibly imagine.

Anna's vision

The Light Crew Volunteer Programme is brand new which means there will be many new developments as we flow along together. Anna visions a sub programme added soon, where you will be able to direct the Cosmic Light Wave to specific places, causes, situations etc.  Eventually upgrades will follow and who knows what else will unfold in the mix. Firstly you need to be well practiced in activating this initial Light Wave Programme and integrating your Cosmic Inner Light as it builds.

How do I sign up?

1.Contact Anna then, pay your $99 annual registration fee which Anna will donate to charities of her choice once $1000 has accumulated. Your annual reg fee payment is to create a tangibility within the energy exchange of all this. Anna will keep none of it. Charity suggestions are welcome, see current Charities at the bottom of this page. Down the track if the Light Crew Volunteers workload grows huge and takes away from Anna's  paid work, she may ask for donations but not now. Also any future merch will sales will include a donation component as well.

2.Next, you will receive a link to the Light Crew Volunteers page where you can access the programme in pdf and recorded form plus relevant info and support tools. There will also be Big Kahuna Light Crew gatherings in the ethers like Anna's Group Healing Waves and Programmes and possibly zoom meetings from time to time. Anna will also open a private FB group page where our Light Crew can connect.

I can't wait to connect with you all. Let's get making some big waves out there in the Cosmos!

Please share this page with anybody you feel would love to join the Light Crew.

Causes & Charities

I am starting a list for some of the Charities your collective annual registration fees will be donated to. Please note that this is a fledgling starter list and suggestions will be most helpful. Global or local to your country of residence charity ideas welcome too. Anna will tune it to which charities she feels a click with and then post them below. All Annual Reg Fees and Donations go straight into the Light Crew kitty. Please note that the Light Crew itself is not a registered charity.

 World VisionWorld WildlifeTree Sisters, SPCAGreenpeaceUnicefSave the ChildrenHuhaMedecins Sans FrontiersWCK  Please click on the Donate button below to support the collective Light Crew donations we make.

Donations made - see right

7th March 2022 - WCK (World Central Kitchen - Ukraine)
NZD $1000 
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