Next Level Healing

For individuals, groups, pets, places, situations

Anna says

Next Level Healing unfolds, smooths and zhuzhes your energy  fibres, threads and fields into "positive formats." These formats support your innate knowing and conscious intentions to harmonise and flow- within you and around you. 

After NLH sessions you may notice subtle shifts into positive vibrations, wellbeing highlights and even the occasional miracle. There could also be some clearing or detox symptoms as congested energies are released. It's all about your Being and what is chooses to do within Next Level Healing space. Building your energy fields to become smooth and harmoniously connected  will help them to grow stronger and hold steady for longer periods. I recommend using Next Level Healing for arising requirements as well as for ongoing strengthening and personal training or wellbeing/self care sessions.

Please contact me if you want help selecting the best NLH  option for yours or a loved one's needs.


Anna is offering a new "Healing" system for your Earthly and Divine balance.

Next Level Healing (NHL) restores the energetic filaments of your existence  by potentially: opening out and smoothing your energy fields where they're scrunched, twisted or blocked, unravelling entanglements and glitches, re-establishing broken circuits and links, enhancing energy flow, strengthening your energy fields, unifying all aspects of your energy, centring you within yourself and within the Cosmos, connecting your Being seamlessly as part of the Cosmos.

Instead of Anna doing "healing on you" Next Level Healing works to bring your energy fields into positive balanced states supporting healthy connections and flows. Your Being can opt to utilise these states to e.g. heal, recover, release, free up, rebalance, strengthen, replenish, anchor, ground etc as it chooses. It's pretty cool!

As your energy fields recover and grow strong, NLH sessions support your energetic advancement.


How does it work?

Next Level Healing assists all states of your Being - body, emotions, mind, soul, spirit and cosmic.

It's for everybody of any age, all circumstances, all life - pets included, all life forms, all situations and great for Light Workers too. It is accessed via NLH Wellbeing/Energy Zhuzh Packages and Ongoing Energy Maintenance Programmes. 

Everyone is different and your NLH experiences will be uniquely yours. 

On the day or days of your Next Level Healing booking/s, there is no need to stop and lie down. Via long distance, Anna works on your Being 3-4 times over each 24 hour period as the energy flow guides her. She will let you know when all is completed. If you want to speak with her at any time, prices are at her usual High Vibe Free Flow session rates. View here

As with all energy, it's up to you how you receive it and use it.

Next Level Healing options & prices

Every NLH Wellbeing Package and Energy Maintenance Programme involves being worked on energetically by Anna  3 times over each 24 hour period of your Package or Programme. Anna will send voice messages from time to time, as she is guided. To support you during and after receiving NLH Wellbeing energies you will be given a simple visualisation and 3 powerful breathing techniques to use as often as you wish.

For people, pets, plants, land, places & situations

For groups, land , places and situations please contact Anna for a quote

NLH starts here

NLH continues here

NLH Wellbeing Packages

Packages are recommended for anybody at any time:
- 3 days: $500
4 days: $650
5 days: $780  *most popular*
10 days: $1,400

5 day Health emergency/Hospital stay/Recovery etc: $950
Once emergency/initial recovery has passed then use the regular 3-10    day  packages as above or Maintenance Programmes (see right) if  appropriate.

For the above packages, Anna will advise you re what she feels is right for you

Energy Maintenance Programmes -
ongoing is highly recommended

As a pre requisite for all Energy Maintenance Programmes you must have either:
- received a NLH Wellbeing package within a 3 week period prior to commencing your programme
- be continuing on with another of the programmes below e.g. switching from weekly to monthly

Weekly - once a week (minimum 8 weeks):
$99 per week

 - once a fortnight (minimum 4 months):
$140 per fortnight

Monthly - once a month (minimum 4 months):
$180 per month

Avoid recreational drugs or alcohol while receiving any of the services above

Time for an energy Zhuzh?

Zhuzh (also spelled zhoosh) as a verb, means “to make (something) more lively"

Please contact Anna if you want her recommendation re which option is appropriate for you current state of Being


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