Anna Filliol (Blue Star) is a highly intuitive energy facilitator, healer, guided meditation expert, sacred travel and retreat organiser.

"AnnaBlueStar is an experience. An ocean of Bliss. She can help you reconnect to your ocean too"

Anna teaches Lighter living from a practical, mindful and spiritual perspective. As a link for ever expanding LIGHT vibrations and by streaming information directly with the Cosmos, she provides opportunities where you can move into states of greater awareness to connect and be with the Divine essence of your Being and the Universe.  

One of Anna’s special abilities is to make the subtler unseen realms available to her client’s in a useful way. She loves teaching people how to embody Light in both Cosmic and practical ways. She has been working in this capacity for over twenty four years. 

Anna does this in groups by creating safe spaces during guided meditations, spiritual training, wisdom sharing, sound baths, healing sessions, intuitive insights, mantra, sacred music,  retreats, spiritual tours, workshops and courses where people can open into their Soul essence, Heart space, Divine Consciousness....spaces in which they can safely explore and awaken  to the flow of enlightening frequencies and guidance Anna naturally facilitates. 
For individuals she offers private retreats & tours, intuitive & healing services, vax support services, spiritual training, development & mentoring.

I feel as though when Anna looked at me, she truly saw "me"

“The entire course provided me with a solid base (and more!) as to what is available through spirit in its many different ways. Anna provides wisdom within a generous space for these connections to take place”. RR, Wellington - Develop your Intuition Course

"Anna anchors the energy at such a deep level, allowing me to fly the higher frequencies. She makes seemingly effortless connections between worlds, opening portals and passageways, so that I can journey further and further each time" 


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