Wellbeing Services

‚Äč3 hr Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit Wellbeing Sessions

A unique and profoundly useful session...excellent value

A 3 hour session tailored to your goals and requirements and of course the energy flow on the day.  It's amazing what can be achieved in a 3 hour session with focused conversation, Intuitive Guidance, meditative states, Cosmic Life Force Energy training & updates, mantra, CLFE Healing vibrations, transformational frequencies etc. The sense of "not having to rush" gives you time to really sink into the energies. 

Please note that an Individual participant Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit Wellbeing Session is very powerful as all the focus is on you and your requirements. Sessions with 2-4 participants are equally as powerful but there is less time for individual focus. Sessions are held either in Wellington, Marahau or wherever Anna is in the world.

1 participant $333

2-3 participants
2 people - $183 per person
3 people - $122 per person

4 participants 
$99 per person

Intuitive Guidance

For any query on any level of body, mind, soul & spirit. Intuitive Guidance sessions encourage you to look at how to release all density and live in a lighter way.

At all times your session is about you, your soul and the support of your greatest well being for a balanced, abundant and happy life. Sessions are usually by phone or skype.

15 mins $50
30 mins $95
45 mins $125
60 mins $150
1hr 15 mins $180
1hr 30 mins  $200 - most popular
1 hr 45 mins $240
2 hrs $280

Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing

Cosmic Life Force Energy (CLFE) System HEALINGS are super charged and super potent. A CLFE Healing seeks to open up the flow of CLFE within your own systems. Once this happens, blocked energies can start to move and disperse and the CLFE is able to create a healthy flow of energy within you. 

A CLFE Healing involves no "interference" from the  person facilitating the healing, rather it is an activation of the Cosmic Life Force Energy within you. Once this activation starts, the CLFE flow offers your body/mind/emotions/soul the space to create balance and wellbeing. Having said this, there is a definite clearing component in a CLFE Healing which is instigated by the "Healer" and is an integral part of the process, however a clearing can only occur to the extent which your Being says "yes." 

How does a CLFE Healing work?
Healings mostly take place long distance by Skype, face time or phone.  
First you will have a discussion with Anna. You will then hang up, go relax (sitting or lying down) and receive a CLFE influx of Light and Grace which flows into all levels of your being.Please make sure you will not be disturbed during this time. When the Healing has completed, Anna will call you again for a brief conversation. Please do not have any other plans for the day.
Session length: 1hr 30 mins
Cost: $200

Please note that the CLFE will continue working within your system for up to a week or two, sometimes longer. During this time you may experience different emotional/mental/physical states. It is highly recommended that you learn Your BLUEPRINT with Anna to learn how to clear and transform any arising issues yourself. This is an incredibly empowering technique. Ideally you will also learn CLFE FOUNDATION so you can learn how to flow the CLFE for yourself.


Discover your Soul's original BLUEPRINT which is your Vibrational Signature in the Cosmos. This is a fascinating, revealing and very useful process. In most people it lays down a depth of motive which can be life changing.

As you go through the process you will be amazed at what you discover, not least of all the amazing talents and abilities you already possess within you self. 

Learn more  here 


This is the most useful, practical and empowering tool I have ever been given.

"Your BLUEPRINT" has been 100% the reason, for a huge increase in my income. 

For 10 years I have been chipping away at fashion designs and clothing etc but I could NEVER find that specific energy I wanted to express. And I feel that's what kept driving me actually, trying to find that " oh! HI THERE YOU ARE!" type of feeling. And that feeling arrived the other night when all of a sudden I understood SO CLEARLY what I needed to create/birth. And this has only happened because of "Your BLUEPRINT"

I know so many other creative and talented people who could really benefit creatively, with aligning with their blueprint 

I felt like crying when I discovered my BLUEPRINT

Private Retreats for 1-4 people

Nourishing, peaceful, powerful, healing, awakening, transforming, enlightening.

To give yourself this kind of gift is a gift of love and self care.

Imagine yourself not having to think about anything other than getting connected with the flow of your true essence.

Learn about the Retreats Anna offers in New Zealand

Anna also offers Retreats around the world on request. Contact Anna to find out more

What's happening in your Cosmos?

Recorded Message Packages

Anna will tune in to any questions you may have (from daily life to spiritual life and everything in between). She can also do a general read of your energies & what's happening in your life and your energy field etc (note that a general tune in may lead to specific questions you then want to ask).  

Messages offer combinations of intuitive insights, healing, balancing & practical or energy tools for transformation and can include energetic and or practical tools for transformation. There is also a Feng Shui specific option too. All messages are unique and there is no set format.

Email your question/s to Anna as they arise and she will reply as soon as possible (sometimes immediately, sometimes it can take up to 7 working days). Please alert Anna if it is an urgent matter and she will do her best to reply the same day wherever possible. 

Please ensure your questions are specific unless you are wanting a general read.

Recorded Message Package options:

120 minutes of Recorded Messages Cost:$300

60 minutes of Recorded Messages    Cost: $160

30 minutes of Recorded Messages  Cost: $95

Each message length varies but is usually 3 -10 minutes long. 

Please note that minutes used include Anna's "tuning in" time as well so for example for a 10 minute message, you might receive 7 - 8 minutes of Anna speaking but behind that is 2-3 minutes of tune in time.

Start your package any time and use whenever you want as there is no expiry date. 

You will receive your recorded message via email. Contact Anna for more info or to book this service


Individual Recorded Messages

The messages offer the same service as "What's happening in your Cosmos"  Recorded Messages but you pay as you go rather than purchasing a package.

Email your question/s to Anna as they arise and she will reply as soon as possible (sometimes immediately, sometimes it can take up to 7 working days). When your message had been recorded Anna will let you know the cost and once  payment is received, she will email your Recorded Message to you.

Please make your questions very specific.

Price: $3.99 per minute

Contact Anna for more info or to ask your question.

Anna has been a pivotal part of my journey and  through her mastery I have been able to dive deep into the depths of my soul and experience true  enlightenment, love, light, deep transformational healing  and pure contentment. 


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