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Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing

Cosmic Life Force Energy (CLFE) Healings are super charged and super potent.

First you will have a discussion with Anna and then you can relax (sitting or lying down) and receive a CLFE influx of Light and Grace which flows into all levels of your being. 

The CLFE seeks to create balance within you. It also has the capacity to clear you and your energy field and to align you to the Cosmic Life Force Energy flow for healing and rejuvenation.

Session length: 1hr 15 mins
Cost: $180

Please note that it is highly recommended that you learn the Cosmic Life Force Energy System. Find out about it here

Intuitive Guidance

For any query on any level of body, mind, soul & spirit.  Intuitive Guidance sessions encourage you to look at how to release all density and live in a lighter way.

At all times your session is about you, your soul and the support of your greatest well being for a balanced, abundant and happy life. Sessions are usually by phone or skype.

30mins $95
45mins $120
60mins $150
1 hr 15mins $180
1hr 30 mins  $210 
1hr 45 mins $250
2 hrs $280

3 hr Mini Soul Retreat

3 hour Mini Soul Retreats are tailored to your goals and requirements. These are like a taster of what's  on offer at a 3 to 6 night retreat in  Marahau  but are complete in their own right. It's amazing what can be achieved in a mini retreat session with meditation states, enlightening energies, tuning into questions, mantra, healing & sound vibrations, transformational frequencies and going with the Divine flow. 

Please note that a solo mini retreat is very powerful as all the focus is on you and your Soul's growth. Mini Soul Retreats with 2-4 participants are equally as powerful but there is less time for individual focus. Retreats are held either in Marahau or wherever Anna is in the world.
1 person $300
2-3 person group price $333
4 person group price $366

What's happening in your Cosmos?


Purchase a 4 or 12 session Recorded Message Package at great prices. Anna will tune in to any questions you may have (from daily life to spiritual life and everything in between!). She can also do a general read of your energies & what's happening in your life and your energy field etc. Anna often gives helpful info, useful tips and tools along with whatever else comes through. All messages are unique and there is no set format. 

Each message is 10 minutes long but if a message is short, Anna carries over the spare minutes into future recordings. Start any time and use whenever you want as there is no expiry date.
Package prices:
4  Recorded Messages $120
12 Recorded Messages $300

Recorded Messages

This service is very powerful because you can listen to it as often as you feel. Anna regularly sends Enlightened Living Guidance and  Healings via recorded messages.

Once Anna had recorded your healing or message she will email it to you. Contact Anna for more info
10 mins $35
20 mins $60
30 mins $80

Divine Aura Sprays

Check out an amazing world of  Divine Aura Sprays, hand made by Anna as she plays in the Cosmos. Each bottle is totally unique and so beautiful. Purchase an exquisite Personal Divine Aura Spray made especially for you or choose from a selection of hugely popular Global Divine Aura Sprays.

Private Retreats for 1-4 people

Nourishing, peaceful, powerful, healing, awakening, transforming, enlightening.

To give yourself this kind of gift is a gift of love and self care.

Imagine yourself not having to think about anything other than getting connected with the flow of your true essence.

Learn about the Retreats Anna offers in New Zealand

Anna also offers Retreats around the world on request. Contact Anna to find out more

Sound Bath at Marahau Retreat

A truly divine and transporting experience designed to clear, re balance and elevate your entire Being. While you lie down and relax in the yurt, Anna will be uniting with Divine Energies and playing an array of sounds, instruments, music and song.

Everything is designed to seamlessly flow in and through you, filling you with Light and connecting you with a unique inner journey arising from within your own body, mind, soul and spirit. This is a co creative and profound experience. Your Sound Bath takes 1hr 30 mins - 2hrs depending on the number of participants.
1 person $200
2 people $260
3 people $320
4 people $380 

Anna has been a pivotal part of my journey and  through her mastery I have been able to dive deep into the depths of my soul and experience true  enlightenment, love, light, deep transformational healing  and pure contentment. 


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