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Group Training Date & Info:

Date & Time: Sunday 29th Sept at 10am
Session length: 2 hours
At: Thorndon, Wellington
Cost: $120 per person

FOUNDATION Level of the Cosmic Life Force Energy System is a tool for life. It gives anyone who practices this system exactly as taught by Founder & Principal, Anna Filliol, a groundbreaking and wondrous new way of experiencing renewed energy. 

FOUNDATION Training includes:

An introduction to the Cosmic Life Force Energy System
Preparation and Q & As
Learning the FOUNDATION technique
Receiving the CLFE transference from Anna
CLFE FOUNDATION notes emailed to you
A 2 hour follow up session at another date

For those who have already done a FOUNDATION training, you are able to join this group to refresh and refine your knowledge for $30, space permitting.


The Cosmic Life Force Energy FOUNDATION technique is life changing and you can benefit enormously from it if you follow specifically, the pathway taught by Anna.

FOUNDATION is the entry point, hub and touch stone of the entire Cosmic Life Force Energy System and I'm sharing it (along with other levels) with those who are called to switch consciously and fully, to our original Source frequency and re-ignite their being with this Divine Essence. The energy is both practical and mystical. 

Meditation & Spiritual Group Gatherings

Anna offers gatherings in Wellington, Marahau, and other places upon request. These gatherings are Divinely inspired. Each session is very much a free flowing experience as Anna weaves Divine Light for all to experience. 

She has been running these kinds of gatherings for over 23 years in Australia, New Zealand and around the world on all her Retreats and Sacred Tours.

SACRED EGYPT 7th - 22nd Nov, 2020

A sacred journey into Egypt with an optional Retreat/Tour extension

Imagine yourself finally arriving in the great motherland and walking amidst pyramids, temples and mystical places on the earth ... drinking in the cosmic vibrations of light flowing in from the celestial skies...and all the while, experiencing the ever present Nile bringing life as she has done for thousands of years.  Learn more

Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing

Come, sit and be drenched in healing vibrations directly in alignment with the Creator and the Cosmic Life Force Energy.  Anna will open up a Divine etheric Healing Temple complex where you can relax, open and experience beauty and healing on many levels.

You will also go through a clearing and rejuvenation  process.

What is so powerful about this opportunity is that the healing experience is between you and the Creator, the Beloved. 

While you experience the Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing session, Anna will play beautiful music and mantra and also give some spoken guidance and meditative words.

Cost: $30 - $50 per person (depending on venue)
Session length: 2 hours

Cosmic Life Force Energy Intro

Join with Anna to learn about and bathe in the Cosmic Life Force Energy frequencies. You will also receive a clearing and be given an amazing and life changing Cosmic Life Force Energy tool.
Cost: $30 - $50 per person (depending on venue)
Session length: 2 hours

I felt like I came home to myself.

It has been incredible. I know it has changed something huge in me. Thank you.

Last night was amazing, we've been talking about it all day. I'm feeling very light, and relaxing into a deeper depth of love for myself.

Cosmic Life Force Energy Training

The Cosmic Life Force is a  system of  energy which can change how you function in the world for the better. Would you like to learn how to access this most phenomenal and life changing energy available right now? 

The Cosmic Life Force Energy not only helps you to centre and balance yourself in everyday life but it can also be used as an incredibly focused tool to hone your frequency and lead you into Golden Age living. It may be the greatest gift you ever give yourself.

Anna will be holding Events to give this opportunity to those who feel drawn to learn and live this new way of being.

Learn more here


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