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The quotes are to give a rounding out of the site's background energies for your info.  Having spent time in the Cosmic Field of Rocks, I know our experience there could be completely different from the quotes below. Except for the Dalai Lama's which I feel is perennially relevant.

The magical discovery I/we made on our November 2018 Castle Hill Retreat, was that this incredibly vast and powerful site, adjusts and reveals what is suitable to share according to who is there, under what conditions and their capability to connect. 

From Freddy Silva

While in New Zealand I took the time to investigate one of the most profound sacred sites in the southern hemisphere, if not the world. Kura Tawhiti, otherwise known as Castle Hill, is a major hill temple consisting of esotic limestone blocks, some 50-feet in height. Each was used as a 'classroom', and the pilgrim would move further up the hill to another stone as they learned their wisdom. The site is said to be as old as the Waitaha, the spiritual race which occupied New Zealand before the Maori.

Initially I was looking for geographic connections to Castle Hill on the opposite side of the world. I noticed that early Maori art is almost identical to ancient Celtic, particularly in its use of spiral flourishes. In fact the two styles of spiritual art are practically identical. 

The Celtic influence originally extended to what is today northern Spain and Portugal, and if you traced a straight line from Castle Hill through the Earth you end up in northern Spain. In the province of Galicia, to be exact. And this is where the fun begins.

Freddy continued

The ley line from Kura Tawhiti to Uluru circles around the globe linking sites of great antiquity.

Take a line from Castle Hill and aim it at the nearest known landscape temple. In this case, Uluru, or Ayers Rock in central Australia. If you continue that ley you will reach one of the most beautiful temples on Earth: Borobudur in Java.If you keep extending the line you will then cross Asia, the Ukraine, central Europe, and eventually arrive in Galicia, at an ancient place of veneration called 'the field of stars'. The Romans named it Campo Stella. Today it is one of the most famous pilgrimage places, Santiago de Compostella.Length of ley? A whopping 11,500 miles.

Check out the image below of the view of the circular ridge opposite Kura Tawhiti

The Dalai Lama & Gary Cook

In 2002 the Dalai Lama visited the south island of New Zealand. Apparently he didn’t like the energy in the nearby town of Christchurch (whose church is made from rock quarried from the boulders) and he was taken to the boulder field. He was so taken by the landscape, and his spiritual experience there he named the area a “Spiritual Centre of the Universe”.  

Gary Cook
I have recently made two visits to the Birth Place of the Gods at Castle Hill in the South Island and have once again been completely amazed at the revelations within these unique rock structures. At certain times of the day, silhouettes within the rocks take on a different feature as light and shadow comes into play.  Profiles of animal and human beings appear, commanding that you stop and wonder, and then ponder on whether this incredible work is of nature or of man. With either choice, you are still looking at a subtle message.

B Prior

In the time of the Waitaha*, Castle Hill was called Te Kohanga or ‘Birthplace of the Gods’. Waitaha legend has it that this was where ancient priests passed on their knowledge to their protégés. It was a place of archeo-astronomy that aligns distant galaxies with these sacred rocky outcrops or boulders.  An ‘Earth University’ that transmits knowledge for those who are open to receive the blessings and all that resonates from this sacred place. 

*The Waitaha were a nation of nations that settled in New Zealand long before the arrival of the Maori. They came from Oceania and the Americas and settled here to live in peace and harmony as one nation.


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