Sacred Journeys with Anna Filliol

Anna organises small group tours. She can also organise a private tour for you (2-20 people) with the option of her accompanying you on your journey. 

Travels with Anna

are life changing, powerful, heart opening and transformative on many levels. Mix this with laughter, joy, local flavours, divine meditations, high frequencies, amazing places and some free time for a dash of shopping or relaxing and you'll find yourself on a great trip! Anna's repeat travel clients attest to this.

Please contact Anna if you are interested in travelling with her or scroll down to learn more or check out some previous tours plus the Sacred Egypt tour which is waiting to reactivate after being cancelled due to covid pandemic.

It is said that

"one day in a Sacred Site is worth a thousand days of meditation"
Sacred sites are a magnificent reflection of their earthly surroundings. They remind us of our intrinsic link to the planet and that we are both spiritual and deeply of the earth. Many of them exude a palpable mystical energy. One can sense that they're operating as cosmic portals to various other worldly dimensions where divine consciousness can somehow be made more accessible to us, especially with clear intention and an open heart.
Written by Anna Filliol for Rainbow News magazine.

“I value all of my experiences so much with Anna that I am already booked in for a 1-1 retreat next year and another sacred site tour traveling the Holy Land with her. If you are serious about your spiritual growth and committed to honouring your journey then I would 100% recommend working with Anna BlueStar”. Orla

Your Journey Guide: Anna Filliol

Anna offers her services as a tour organiser, spiritual intuitive and Lighter Living Guide. She can help you access mystical aspects of your journey and lead you into “deep connected spaces” via meditations and her highly tuned intuition. She is also a huge nature lover and her trips include opportunities to be in nature as much as possible. It is so important to establish a beautiful balance between Heaven and Earth.

Spiritually focussed travel to natural and man-made sacred places on earth, is an abiding love of Anna's. She is a passionate traveller with a background at American Express Travel and Travel for Industry, London.

Anna’s spiritual life purpose and work history make her an ideal Spiritual Tour organiser. She combines practicality and fun with the expertise to help facilitate a deeper understanding and special experience on your journeys to sacred places. Read about Anna here  Her groups are small (usually 7-12 travellers) which makes for more flexibility and deeper connections.

Anna also offers tailor made sacred tours and retreats by request. Is there somewhere in the world you would love to experience with Anna? 

Scroll down to check out "Sacred Egypt" tour.
This trip was cancelled due to covid however it is ready to reactivate depending on interest levels.

Prices may vary compared to those currently shown. 


Anna has been waiting for many years to return to Egypt with a group of like minded souls. She feels that since the Golden Age influx in March 2019, the time is ripe to visit the motherland in person.

"Sacred Egypt is going to be an amazing, unhurried, luxurious experience. I can't wait to see who will join me there!"

If you would like to join Anna on this long awaited journey to the lands of Egypt, please let her know 

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