I am so happy you are here

I'm Anna Filliol and I invite you into the transformative energies of ELEVATE Member's Zone.

About the Zone

ELEVATE Member's Zone has been in development for a long time, waiting for a juicy moment to arrive for you. The moment is now. It is here now. You are here now. 

This Zone is a resource, an energy library for your Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit. A place where you are welcome, beginner's to advanced.  Where you can connect with your essence, rejuvenate and receive Divine succour as you come into increasing awareness and balance. 

What does it offer?

ELEVATE Member's Zone is filled with immediately accessible wellbeing tools. The goal is to offer you useful and transformational resources and energy support.

Anna keeps it current and vibrationally fresh by adding to it regularly.  Beyond this though, is an energy, the energy that Anna brings into the Zone from the Cosmos, to support you and elevate you.

How can it benefit you?

All the offerings in ELEVATE Member's Zone are created to support you in your life, to lead you to feel connected with the Divine, awakened and growing in confidence. They are designed to help you be the happiest, most balanced and uplifted version of yourself on all levels of your Being. 


How does it work?

Once you have signed up and paid, you are now a member of the ELEVATE Member's Zone. You will have unlimited access to everything in the Zone for as long as you choose to be a member.

Materials are offered by Anna in the form of Recordings, pdf downloads, images and some videos.

See you in the Golden Fields of Creation!


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