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“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, 
there is a field.  I’ll meet you there"

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Lion's Gate 2021

A now moment tune in by Anna for this 2021 Lion’s Gate. Ride the Wave! I come as unbridled Power I inundate you in Cosmic Fire I am pure Divine Flow I come to facilitate transformation I amRead more

Is it time to stop writing your affirmations and start living them?

A dear soul asked me a great question the other day. "Should I keep writing affirmations in my Gratitude Journal?" I replied "Start living your gratitude everyday and you won't need to keepRead more

The new Grounding

If you prefer to hear the recorded version of this bog, please scroll down to the bottom to find the link :) I am sure you have been told at some point..."you are not in your body or you're notRead more

A fresh perspective on letting go

Imagine yourself standing on the bank of a happily flowing river. Notice that even though you are stationary, the happily flowing river keeps on flowing past you and this is a very refreshingRead more

No set play

I feel that it is time to free things up.  A friend and I just experienced an incredible, expansive and beautiful Spring Equinox because we had no set play! Yes we were holding the awareness of theRead more

One step at a time

In challenging times when the old ways are falling away in our lives, it is important to stay very centred.  We may have a passing emotion (e.g. I wept when Notre Dame burnt) but it passed very fastRead more

Integrating the Golden Age Light influx

Hello fellow travellers! Firstly thank you so much for connecting through this blog. Secondly....the words need to get out there into the world so please like and then share this blog if you feel theRead more

Maya and the Golden Age

With the shift to the Golden Age in early March…the massive influx of Light is revealing the density within us and all around us. It is like the scene from Indiana Jones when the evil wasRead more

The New Age has closed, the Golden Age is fully open

Welcome to my new blog. I hope that you find it informative and useful. It is written purely to share the incoming information I receive from the Cosmos and to work towards integrating andRead more

Connect with Nature in the city

Check out this short video on connecting with trees and plants. This is extra important to do when you’re spending time in the city.

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