June 2023

Series Book 2 "Starlight moves to Earth"  launching July 2023

I have absolutely valued and appreciated having Anna as my creative director/editor/wingman of this children's book. She has truly taken my precious project to the next level! I am now inspired to use Anna to review my first book, "Starlight saves the World" as I want the same finesse of flow and energy Anna brought to "Starlight Moves to Earth."

I wouldn't publish without her.

Lisa MacKenzie
Author of Stories with Starlight series

June 2023

I have been using Anna’s Creative Services for months now. She has been a crucial part to the creation of my cookbook “Kitty’s Kitchen - Just a little bit naughty." (Launching in October 2023)

 Once I had written all of my recipes for the book, she helped me narrow it down to the number of recipes I needed for the book. She had wonderful ideas when it came to adding ingredients or simply suggesting that I need more recipes in the “Chicken” or “Sweet Treat” section to help balance out the book. Not only does she pick up on that side of things but she was really helpful with wording and punctuation. She’s brilliant at it!! Under each recipe title in my cook book I have a subtitle explaining what the particular dish means to me. Anna, who always has a way with words really helped me with writing something witty and captivating. She thinks outside the box and really takes readers opinions into consideration.

 Once the recipes were all organised it was time for the fun part.. shooting the dishes! Anna wasn’t physically at the shoot but I would send her videos and images of the dish before photos were taken. She would say, “Add more props, add fresh basil or chilli for an extra pop of colour, use a wooden serving spoon instead of metal, perhaps serve some of the dish onto a side plate so the images don’t seem repetitive throughout the book”. That was just the tip of the iceberg. She always had something to say, an idea or simply just positive feedback which always left me feeling really encouraged and uplifted. Anna helped me go through all of the images and there were hundreds. I had about 5-6 images of each dish and she helped me narrow it down to 1. She has a great eye so this part was relatively quick to get through.

When the mock-up of my book was sent to me, the first person I called was Anna. We FaceTimed, we went through every single page together and she had so many ideas. We changed the font colours (to help tie in with the colour of the dish) and a couple of other things. To be honest, I was really happy with the first mock-up so we only had to do some minor tweaks. Not only was Anna absolutely incredible to work with and had endless fabulous ideas. She also really understood my vision and adapted her thoughts and ideas to suit what I had desired. She is an incredible listener, very cool, calm and collected to work with. Anna was a key factor in making my cook book come to life. I couldn’t fault her. Anyone would be silly not to hire her!!

Thank you Anna xx
Kitty Williams @Kittys_kitchen instagram


September, 2021

"One thing that has become so clear to me is that we all need to be advised by EXPERTS IN THEIR FIELD.
This is what Anna is." 

I have done sessions with Anna for over twenty years:  meditation, one on one healing, post vaccine one on one intensive, and the Elevate program.

I trust Anna implicitly to know what is best for me and my health and well-being.Anna has coached me to expand on all areas of my life. This has had major positive impacts on the way I live. 

My post vaccine program was a game changer. We started at the foundations, gave them a good shake up and continued on. The way I feel after this program is extraordinarily better than before.

Anna gives you the programs and tools for life. I recommend her most heartily to anyone who wishes to make positive changes in their life.

Clare Cannon
Melbourne, Australia

7 Day ELEVATE Programme, Sept 2021

I’ve had a wonderful and well-supported week on Elevate. Anna, I love how you anchor group energy creating the opportunity for individual activation which makes it easy for me to shift into deeper states to receive blessings, insights and healing.

I so enjoyed your voicemail message each morning and the special private messages too (always a treat). The last few months have had their challenges for me and this program gave me some much needed support and encouragement.
Melanie Mayell
Christchurch, NZ

Marahau Retreat, May 2021

The beauty of the Marahau Retreat begins on the lush journey there itself. The water, bush and feeling of familiarity welcome you and when you step into Anna’s haven - you arrive “home”. Home in yourself with a real sense of being somewhere you’re simply, meant to be. Anna builds on this energy, being a source of such a divine and warm energy herself.

Only at Marahau Retreat for a few days - my mini retreat, which I dubbed an in-treat was abundant in deep restful sleeps, nourishing wholesome vegan food and Anna’s intuitive narrative which guided both myself and a dear friend through a weekend that cracked us open and delivered what we didn’t know we needed. I am immensely grateful for the work Anna does and how much space she holds for you to unravel and build yourself up again, in. Thoughts, feelings and realisations surfaced through meditative work, sound bathing, eating, sleeping and being deeply cared for. It is not often we allow ourselves to be taken in and ‘held’ and do we rarely feel the safety to do so, but Anna’s warmth and grace allowed my mind to melt and to simply return to a state of being. Not worrying, not thinking too far ahead. But to just appreciate the beauty that is life. In this connected space, answers were able to surface from the deep and I was able to receive them.

Anna’s vibrational Blueprint work really packaged up the work completed during my stay there. Thank you Anna for allowing me to share in the incredible space you’ve grown, eat at your table (which was a highlight of every day) and for stoking the fire within me. I look forward to returning to Marahau Retreat. Until then it will remain a compass I return to in my mind when my feet lift off the ground a little. I recommend Marahau Retreat to anyone wanting to rest, reconnect, replenish and re-evaluate.
5 stars

Martinique McEwen
Wellington, NZ 

Marahau Retreat, May 2021

My friend and I went on the Marahau Retreat together as our 30th birthday reset. We were just hoping to set a few new goals, meditate with Anna and enjoy the surroundings. What we ended up getting was soooo much more than that! It was a complete game changer, and I am so grateful to her. She is a true healer. Anna helped us to change our perspective on everything that was blocking us in our lives and taught us how to be accountable for our own happiness. When she did my spiritual blueprint, I was shocked at how moving it was. I have thought about it every day since and it has given my endeavours a whole deeper meaning. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to truly enrich their lives.

Olivia McLeod
Omaha, NZ

CLFE Dynamic Group Retreat, Castle Hill, Nov 2020

Dear Anna,

I’m still in my retreat bubble - and I don’t feel like coming out of it any time soon.

I had such a wonderful time. I loved my room and my bed. I loved the company of my tribe, even though I felt so far out of my comfort Zone before arriving because I had to do ‘people’. I loved meeting up with S---- again and finding out that O---- just lives up the road from me! 

I loved the opportunity to practice CLFE and give the practice so much time. I loved that the synergy of the group made it easier for me to work with the CLFE. I loved having the Temple space, and the meditations. 

I loved having a chef there, and him doing food so we didn’t have to. 

I loved the music and dancing. Of course, I loved being back at Castle Hill - who wouldn’t!

A big thank you to you from my heart.

Kapiti, NZ

Holy Land Tour, May 2019

I have travelled with Anna for many years now and each time the experience has exceeded my expectations. Israel was no exception. With Anna as our spiritual guide, our access and connection to this Holy land became deeply heart opening and life changing.

On another level all the accommodation was fabulous, our exceptional local guide was accommodating and possessed an impressively broad wealth of knowledge, and don’t get me started on the falafels and hummus!!

If you have ever felt called to Israel then to journey through the Holy land with Anna is a must. She has the divine ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, 3D to 5D and beyond - and for a place like Israel, why would you do it any other way?

Lisa MacKenzie
Tasman, New Zealand

A miraculous baby testimonial, Nov 2019

We had a very special and unique experience with Anna Blue Star. 

My partner and I had been trying to conceive for a number of years, with no luck due to an anomaly with my uterus (bicornate uterus with full septum) and history of endometriosis. Our fertility specialists advised that we had a very slim chance of conceiving naturally and should try IUI and IVF treatments. 

After the shock of our fertility chances and a stressful work year, we booked a break to rest and recover at Marahau Retreat.

Anna hosted us for a week in her magical lodging, where we took time to unwind, walk and swim. We were nurtured with wholesome meals made straight from Anna’s garden and had a guided fertility focused sound bath and Cosmic Life Force Energy meditation session.

I cannot put into exact words what happened but Anna took us into a transformative space. She lead us to focus on connecting our two energy frequencies and opening that up to the spirit we hoped we would one day conceive.
I felt quite emotional during the session but then light and reassured. My partner had a similar experience, but also said he had had visions of family members who were deceased. The main thing we took from the session was that Anna had unblocked us and linked our energies together. Anna said that our energies were now open and that the spirit we were welcoming had “latched” into our combined life force energy.
We left Marahau feeling very centred and restored and the following month we conceived. The compelling thing was that after numerous radiologist scans and meetings with our obstetrician, I was pregnant on the side of my uterus which was not physically connected to where we had conceived. So although we conceived naturally, there was no medical explanation for this and  I was warned by my doctor that it was likely I would miscarry.

Due to this physical block (septum), I was not able to birth naturally. So I gave birth via C-section and we now have a healthy and serene little baby, who is doing so well. Whether it was the restorative break in sacred Marahau, the food that nourished us back to health or the time spent with Anna in that focused meditation. We will forever be abundantly grateful for the part that she played in our baby’s safe arrival earth side.

(name withheld for privacy)
Wellington, New Zealan

Tours, Intuitive Guidance, Retreats - Nov 2019

When choosing to journey towards ones true self, a great guide book or a zen master at hand would  be helpful.

 I feel blessed to have this in Anna.  

To have someone I can Trust in the most vulnerable  of moments is invaluable.

When facing one's personal resistance or releasing inner pain or when discovering one's hidden fears, Anna has always supported me with Truth, Wisdom and Love.

I believe Anna to be a true Master.

With much gratitude Anna,
Thankyou for all your great gifts and just always being there. X

Karen, Abel Tasman, NZ 

Private Retreat, April 2019

I spent five days on retreat with Anna at her very special property in Marahau. A truly restorative and peaceful place to begin, with her guidance, transforming my mindset and focus. Anna nourished my body with her phenomenal vegan cooking (note: I am not vegan)...serving me up the most delicious meals, then we worked together on my soul and I can’t quite express adequately here the shift I experienced which has profoundly changed my life. 

I offer the retreats Anna runs at Marahau the highest recommendation. Perfect for anyone who needs time out from what can often feel like a very dense and draining life who may feel like they have hit a wall, have questions and/or want to connect with the very powerful cosmic energies and guidance Anna has access to.

G Bareta
Wellington, NZ


Private Greece Tour, August 2019

Graham and I had an amazing trip to Greece in August 2018 with Anna as our guide. She made the experience effortless and wonderful, with Anna taking care of everything, down to knowledgeable local guides and lovely accommodation wherever we went. It was great to spend that time with Anna and experience Greece on a deeper level. I would highly recommend a private tour with Anna!

Debra Law, Auckland
New Zealand

Cosmic Life Force Energy, Nov 2018

I was recently Initiated and Activated into the First Wave Foundation levels of Cosmic Life Force Energy, as taught by Anna. This was a profound and timely experience that has lifted my connection to Creation and my place within it. Everyday since as I open more to the Cosmic Life Force Energy I am becoming more present to this life and more actively involved in my spiritual development and expression here on Earth. I sense a true co-creation occurring,  filled with hope, and the possibility of far-fetched dreams and desires manifesting. I feel more joy, more light, more freedom.

Shadows, doubt, fear and lower grids that I have been tethered to in the past dissolve effortlessly, much without even thinking of it. Key people in my life are communicating more their own truths and dreams, and there is freedom in my relationships with others.

I feel a deep peace and ease in myself that is growing daily. Everyday I am deeply nurtured and filled with absolute love from the CLFE and all divine spirits that walk with me.

This is a powerful tool for connection, and one that as I practice is allowing deep healing and transformation on a personal, global and cosmic level. It is evolutionary.

Kaz.R oXx

October 2018

I spent an incredible few transformational days on retreat with Anna.
Great location, food and company. Highly recommend.
Dominique Law

June 2018

Since my fateful introduction to Anna BlueStar 6 years ago, I feel like I  have been on a journey with a true Ascended Master walking the plains of Gaia. Since our first encounter I have been  on  1-1 retreats with her, travelled Greece & France with both Anna and a group of goddesses, attended many meditation groups, have had countless  intuitive guidance readings and bought her Divine Aura sprays both for myself and as gifts for loved ones.

I have been truly blessed by the heavens to have had  Anna as both my mentor and friend. She has being a pivotal part of my journey and  through her mastery I have been able to dive deep into the depths of my soul and experience true  enlightenment, love, light, deep transformational healing  and pure contentment. I have danced with the devas, played with the faes, swam with the mermaids, conversed with  the mighty Ascended Masters, sung with the angels and hung out with the fire dragons all under her watchful, protective  wings. Every encounter with Anna leaves me renewed and  full of peace and this is achieved through her powerful connections with the universe. She gently holds and creates space so one can fully experience divine ways of communing,  connecting and experiencing Gaia and the cosmos. Through her 1-1 retreats I have been able to explore, grow and shift into my higher state of being whilst being nurtured in the most awe inspiring of environments. Meditating in her yurt is true ecstasy and each gathering offered beautiful energies and insights to treasure deeply. The yummy vegan food, nourishing juices, light frequencies of mantra and crystal singing bowls are just some examples of what awaits you on retreat. The quiet down time I had to contemplate was a gift as I found my creative energies waiting to burst forth with such enthusiasm and power. This was  all due to Anna! Thanks to these experiences,  I am now in the middle of setting up my own  business. All of it came about through my 1-1 retreats with her.

I had a once in a lifetime experience when I got the opportunity to travel Greece and France on a spiritual retreat with Anna last year. Going on a retreat to sacred sites is truly wonderous and I felt so supported and grounded with Anna anchoring the energies and frequencies that were crying out  to be rediscovered. I cannot express how much my soul was touched and what an expansive journey we undertook. We moved with great ease between islands and sites and at each spot the energies were awaiting our arrival. It was the most enriching of holidays and I greatly appreciated the balance between our group gatherings  and explorations and the downtime we had to contemplate our learnings and make our own connections with the lands. I felt like I had speeded up my spiritual growth just by meditating at these sites and with the passing of time my learnings  have  become more enriched and treasured. I was also blessed with the gift of travelling  with soul sisters and exploring the Divine Feminine with truly beautiful souls. It was one of the many highlights and I made friendships which I appreciate every day.

I value all of my experiences so much with Anna that I am already booked in for a 1-1 retreat next year and another sacred site tour travelling the holy land with her. If you are serious about your spiritual growth and committed to honouring your journey then I would 100% recommend working with Ms BlueStar. It is a delight for the body, mind and soul. I am so honoured to have Anna as a teacher and friend and I am so  thankful for all the divine experiences that I have encountered through meeting her. I truly feel so fortunate to have such a beautiful soul helping me on my journey and I am eternally grateful for this wonderful lady to be my guide. If you feel the calling to work with Anna then JUMP at the opportunity! Your soul will sing the sweetest of songs with hers and you will never look back. The world is your oyster with Anna by your side.

Orla xxx
New Zealand/Ireland

December, 2016

I have sat down many times over the years to write a testimonial for Anna  and I have always felt constricted by mere words on a page, but I  will try.  

I first met Anna in 2009 when I attended her 'Develop Your Intuition' course in Wellington. It was through this wondrous gate that I tentatively took my first steps on a spiritual path that would change my perception of myself,  the world, and indeed the universe, forever more.  

Thereafter I attended Anna's meditation evenings in Wellington and have been lucky enough to experience two group retreats hosted by Anna. The most recent retreat was at her beautiful property in Marahau and it was an absolute delight for the body, mind and spirit. The retreat was pitched perfectly for the group and the rhythm of activities, qigong, and  meditation sessions was just right. The accommodation and catering was exceptional. I have come back to Wellington refreshed and invigorated and am back on the best path for the life I wish to lead.  

But a little more on Anna. Anna has many gifts which she openly shares with those souls who are drawn to her. No matter what the interaction is,  Anna ensures that you are treated with the utmost compassion and respect. Her work ethic and service-oriented approach to her clients is combined with a vast knowledge and highly evolved spiritual insight. This is a mighty combination and one that has allowed me to develop and evolve so much further than I ever thought possible. In addition to all of her spiritual connections and gifts, Anna is still very much a 'real' person and her lightness of being amidst all of the 3D density of this world is contagious. You will find yourself smiling even within the briefest of interactions with Anna. It just happens.  

Thanks to my time with Anna, I have weathered some of life's most heart-breaking storms with a wealth of 'spiritual tools' to see me through the darkest hours. For that, my family and I are eternally

I am honoured and humbled to have Anna as a teacher, a mentor, and most importantly, a friend. Thank you, Anna. The world is a better place for having you here. And we are vastly better people for having you as our guide.  
CL, Wellington, NZ

May, 2017. Solo & Group Retreat participant

A Retreat with Anna Blue Star is like no other. Anna guides you on the most beautiful spiritual journeys that simply flow with the energies. These blissful meditations are supported by Ascended Masters, divas and guides delivering their wisdom from across the realms. They bring deep and powerful insights, opening you to a new awareness that takes you to higher planes. Anna’s deep spiritual knowing is balanced with much laughter and an easy lightness that uplifts the spirit and expands the heart.

It takes place in the protected and sacred space of the yurt, a truly inviting and supportive place surrounded by the nature of Marahau, on the edge of the Abel Tasman National Park. Nature’s magic surrounds you and is always close at hand; with walks on the crystalline beaches or visits to the pristine healing waters of Riwaka Resurgence.

And then there is the constant replenishment of body and soul sustained through the nourishing food lovingly prepared by Anna throughout the retreat. Why did I ever leave?
John, New Zealand

May 2017. Mini Retreat participant

Ecstatic drumbeats greet me as I walk in. Resting buddhas adorn prayerful nooks, fluffy sheepskins beckon me into cosy corners. A feast of colourful vegetables with dollops of hummus is waiting on the table for me. My favourite green pea soup is warming on the stove. Homemade seed crackers are piled up ready for crunching. I feel so completely delighted and nourished.

Our mini urban retreat picks up where our big solo week had left off 6 weeks earlier. Deva Premal is overlaid with beautiful long notes from Anna's crystal singing bowls - it helps me shift into a lighter state. Anna anchors the energy at such a deep level allowing me to fly the higher frequencies. She makes seemingly effortless connections between worlds, opening portals and passageways, so that I can journey further and further each time.

I recommend working with Anna to anyone who is serious about making the most of their precious time here and is ready for major transformations in their life. For me the process facilitates rapid and meaningful change through the dissolving of blocks, peeling away of old layers and a magnetising of my highest potentials.
Melanie Mayell, Christchurch, NZ

November 2016. 5 Day Group Retreat

Dearest Anna,
As always such a magical experience. The detail to every occasion touched with your thought, awareness & mastery in so much.  The created spaces, food, pathways and moments. And of course the amazing power and beauty of the meditations.The power of coming together as a group has been a true blessing. How wonderful that we have been able to hold the space together as we have and open up to so many glorious opportunities of experience. Blessed have we all been.

The greatest of thanks and appreciation for your gifts and gratitude for your generosity in sharing so much. Much mastery in your wonderful world of play.
Love and Light
Karen, Auckland, NZ

November 2015

Love, love Loved my retreat. Each time I return to your special part of the world, it continues to shift energetically in such amazing ways. All of it was special and will be held as a significant part of my journey in life, giving  me so much to work with.  The meditations - sublime, each one holding  divine different spaces - offering such beautiful energies and insights to be with. The healing - thankyou.  I keep recognizing to just rest as I need to, as it is very ongoing.

The landscape and skyscape are wondrous places to be a part of and daily walk in, with the bird life sending  great text to life.  Going to Riwaka Resurgence  together  was truly splendorous - nature was truly revealing of  itself in ways I will treasure - I felt spoilt and great joy.

Qigong is definitely the new way for me to dance into a day.  It was a treat to be practising on the beach, in the yurt,  or amongst the trees.  I will continue to move towards it being a daily dose now I am home. Great to find a practise that is energy based.

All this I know is what you are so masterful at.  Gently creating the space and holding  the energy for others to safely experience such wondrous ways of connecting, communing and being in this wonderful world.  I am excited that always there are more ways to explore, grow and shift. Your retreat gave me such a unique, nurturing opportunity for self, I am blessed for the opportunity.

I thank you from my heart, I thank you from my soul.  Thank you Anna.
Much love and light Kaz x

October 2016

I gave myself and my soul a beautiful journey when I did a retreat with Anna in October.

Each day of my 7 days was designed for me personally as I chose a one on one retreat. I had no idea what we were going to do, it just felt perfect…certainly spirit sped things up for us!

I have known Anna for over 20 years and knew it would be an amazing time, however I could not have foreseen the journey we were taken on.

Starting each nurturing day with a yummy organic juice left at my door at 7.30am.. I usually woke early as the sun rise is amazing, I watched the dew lift and the beautiful country side come awake with the bay just a 10 minute walk away. The day would start with movement and Qi gong and anything that came after that was magic… a meditation that became a channeling of Kwan Yin, Serapis Bey, Buddha and so much more….Anna took us on an amazing journey each time.

I was nurtured with divine food and the quiet time to contemplate. On day two morning we walked out onto the beach below the Abel Tasman national park, we did Qi gong on the beach found a big crystal [yes on the beach] to take back to the yurt, meditated on the rocks Anna has named ‘The Temple’ and watched beautiful whimsical, silken creamy white Air Sylphs dance for us in a cove under the national park.. Oh yes! We had also been given an activation whilst meditating and this was only the beginning!

Your soul will create the perfect journey for you to experience when you are in Anna’s presence! Divine! Divine! Divine! Thank you Miss Anna.
With so much love Miss Roslyn
Roz, Melbourne, Australia

November, 2016

Over the last 8 years I have been on spiritual tours with Anna, participated in private and group retreats, online courses, had 1:1 healings, clearings, intuitive guidance, doused myself and gifted a number of her Divine Aura Sprays, though have never penned a recommendation. On my last group retreat it occurred to me why….I cannot put into words that which is wordless.

Anna BlueStar is an experience. An ocean of Bliss. She can help you reconnect to your ocean too.

Intuitively she cares for all your needs from 3D to 7D and beyond!  From the  thoughtfully arranged nurturing accommodation, the nourishing organic food, to the transcendental energy of the Yurt.  The Yurt is overseen by a magnificent carving of Papa and Rangi and filled with the blissful melody of Anna’s singing bowl, drums, chimes and flute …(argh take me back!!)all nestled in the sublimely healing Marahau Valley.                                              

If you need to reset, recharge, reconnect or just retreat in a supported and nurturing environment, there is only one place to Be. I’ve got 2 bookings already next year.

Happy swimming
Starlight Designer
Noosa, Australia

November 2016. 5 Day Group Retreat

Dear Anna,
A big and wonderful thank you.  I have just arrived home, seen my cat and flat mate and home and am starting to integrate what just happened. You have an amazing joy Anna.  A beautiful spirit for life, love and  the energy of the universe.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with myself and the other wonderful people there.  You have allowed me to feel love  again and with that allow myself to see who I am and what is important to me. You have a very special gift indeed.  Peace love and happiness Anna.  May all your dreams come true :) x
Alex Poole
Senior Business Analyst, Auckland, NZ

1. In her meditations Anna has the calm, clear voice of an angel.
2. Anna's wit and clarity is refreshing in the face of the heat of the moment when the energy is healing!
3. I love the way Anna makes airy fairy spiritual stuff so normal!
4. Anna's warmth and humanness help to create such an accessible pathway in to spirit.
5. I would travel the world with this woman! Laughter, clarity, wisdom, beauty, fun, warmth and so very down to earth!
Anna Groves

"I've been to Anna's meditation, 'life focus' session, 'develop your intuition' class, and also had her feng shui advice. Anna is amazing! I'm (and you'll be) surprised how much more positive and better life is after meeting her."
A Reis, Wellington, NZ

Anna is inspiring, energetic and a loving guide who sparks great light within those she meets.
FP, Melbourne. Xxx

 I had tried to learn meditation for many years at the place I was studying yoga. I found it extremely hard—in fact, I was resistant, and often ended up having to leave the class as I started coughing. Anna helped me to pass this hurdle, and to open doors to an inner quietness and to a peace and to a universe I could not imagine. She has a gift—and I am so glad that now she will be able to share it more widely.
Clare, Melbourne

Anna has been and still is my life saver. I first met Anna when I attended one of her Feng Shui workshops in August 2006 and since then have received healing and life coaching sessions and have attended spiritual workshops and meditations. Anna's weekly meditations are the highlight of my week.
Anna counselled and supported me in the most gentle and caring way through some challenging times. I distinctly remember two sessions when I needed a healing session as soon as possible. Anna was able to offer me this within a day or two, once on a Sunday! I can't thank her enough and am indebted to her generosity and sincerity. I call her 'Anna Angel.'
Susan, Wellington

Anna has had an incredible influence on my spiritual development and personal journey over the past year. I attended her fortnightly meditations which are literally OUT OF THIS WORLD. 
Each week I was lucky enough to experience light, healing, inner peace and stillness via the channeling of beautiful angels, grand masters and divine beings. I would leave each week feeling renewed and enlightened for the rest of my week. What makes Anna's work unique is her powerful connection with the universe. The clarity and precision of her meditations really does prove how connected she is - to the light, love and abundance in this universe and beyond. She is a beacon of light which allows even the newcomers to let go and trust in the process of healing and guidance so they can access something very beautiful and empowering beyond themselves. 
Thank you Anna for offering you precious gifts to the world. I am grateful to have been part of your weekly meditation circles, BE LOVE and to have been in receipt of your ongoing support on a one to one basis. I consider you my teacher, my friend and now my long distance connection in the light. 
Mark, Ireland 2015

It was a blessing to be introduced to Anna several years ago when a friend gifted me an aura spray. Since then I have called upon the healing energies of Anna’s gifts whenever I can. Most recently being the Sacred Pilgrimage to glorious Greece. To be able to walk through the ancient ruins of Greece with someone so intuitive and personable really brought the trip “into the light.” Anna’s openness allows her to walk a deep spiritual path and simultaneously remains in tune to the needs of her guests. She is a beautiful sister to have in our wider soul family.  If you feel the call to be a part of this amazing journey – surrender to it and answer, YES! Greece holds something for everyone from sumptuous food to profound silence. This journey with Anna is truly magical.
L. Edmonds, Australia xxx

Anna has been an amazing spiritual teacher, through the Develop your Intuition classes and further meditation classes.  I highly recommend the classes, even for those who are a little unsure of it all! 
Toni Horne, Wellington

“Distance and schedules was not a barrier to receiving guidance from Anna on a spiritual issue I needed urgent help with. Using the email question facility I was able to give Anna the details and ask for guidance and support for an issue that I had tried to resolve on my own but wasn’t having any luck with. Anna’s prayers and supporting insight were spot on and I was able to put in place prayers and healing practice to build up my connection with the right form of energy to keep me and my family safe. Thank you Anna....i can’t tell you how comforting it is to know you are a keystroke away!
Giselle, Wellington” 2015

I have been wanting to go to Greece every since I was a small child reading about the Mythology of Ancient Greece. After I turned 40, I decided it was time to go. After searching on the internet for the perfect trip, I came across an ad for Heart Temples Greek Tour. I immediately connected with the pictures and called Anna for more information. After speaking to her for a short time, I knew I would be going to Greece with her. She is such a beautiful soul who has such an incredible connection to the universe.The entire trip was so impeccably done and surpassed my expectations. All of our transportation needs were arranged perfectly. Every hotel we stayed at was so beautiful and had the perfect resonance of the places we were staying. Each place we went to was so magnificent and breathtaking and it was exciting and fun to play in the different energies.   The balance of the tour to the islands and then the tour through the mainland, evened out the trip beautifully. Every detail was taken care of perfectly. Anna ran such a perfect trip. There is time for meditation and reflection. There is also plenty of time for shopping and eating at fabulous restaurants and seeing different ancient and modern sites. Each site we were at had such a beautiful but different resonance and vibrations. Anna and Karen lead such beautiful meditations once every day that helped to deepen my experience at these mystical and ancient sites. Greece is such a beautiful place for an inner self journey that connects to the beautiful energies of ancient Greece. Having Anna and Karen along gives you time for not only self-reflection, but also a collective connection with the other members of the group and a connection with Greece as well. My trip was so incredibly fabulous and I plan on doing many more trip in the future with Heart Temples and Anna.
Jacquie Lamb - USA

Greece 2010

I am so grateful to have been a part of the 2010 spiritual tour to Greece. It has opened my eyes and inspired me to live my dreams. Most excitedly since the tour I can tangibly feel a light within me
having been turned back on and there is no fear of it ever going off again. Thank you Anna from the depths of my heart for making such a deeply profound journey possible. My heart and spirit have been greatly touched and expanded by this journey and throughout it I felt completely supported, by the organisers, and spirits that gave the clear call for me to be there. As we travelled from sites we seemed to move with vast ease, it was as if the sites and keepers of these sites knew of our approach, our arrival, departure and would light paths along the way to anchor us effortlessly
to their presence. 

We had plenty of room to be able to make our own connections with these incredible places; this was a real gift that I greatly enjoyed. At particular areas on the tour I had an immense sense of being home and experienced a connection with Earth that was completely new and uplifting. This new feeling still remains months after my return to New Zealand and is enriching with time.

I would go without question on more spiritual tours with Anna and delightedly look forward to it in the future. 

If you have get the call go, go go go it is such a divine gift.
Buckets of blessings and warmth


I received a Divine Aura spray with a deeper message as a surprise gift. How incredibly and profoundly perfect Anna was with the sprays' ingredients and the deeper message.
I am having difficulty now even trying to pen the depth of meditation my spray allowed me to go, not to mention the smell is scense-sational! The experience motivated me to call Anna for a Life focus session which again allowed me to gain more direction in my life and create a plan so I could focus my energies on what was required. This insight was also accompanied by some very user friendly practical advice. An incredible experience on all levels. Thank-you Anna I am truly grateful. 
L.Edmonds, Australia

The first Life Focus session I had with Anna by phone a year ago made many things fall into place including background perspectives that I had been unaware of, and was altogether extremely meaningful, reassuring and uplifting. At the time I was also thinking of going to Peru and while doing a search of spiritually oriented tours found that Anna's energy and awareness of spirit of place felt the most resonant. As it turned I was unable to go last year but I recently contacted Anna re other issues - and again thank you, Anna for another very powerful focus and healing session.
Diana - Sydney, Australia

Anna your aura sprays are divine….it gives me a wonderful feeling of being protected. The Deeper meaning information that came with it, helped to explain this feeling the spray gave me, and was very accurate. This also applies to your readings; they are very intuitive and helpful.

I love my Aura Sprays!  Not only are they gorgeous as scents, but the energy in them and the messages with them have been perfect every time.  I love how they keep changing as my energy is changing.  I haven’t worn perfume in a long time but people keep telling me how lovely they smell.  I really appreciate how Anna tunes in for every bottle and often sends me either a photo or an update as they are being created.  Very uplifting to use! 
Mary Alice Arthur
"I booked one of Anna's life focus sessions by phone. It is difficult for me to get around at the moment and this was perfect as I didn't have to move from my living room. The session was for 45 minutes and helped to give me the focus and direction I needed.
Anna worked out immediately what were the one or two main issues in my life that I needed to focus on and the choices that would work best for me over the coming 18 months. Anna highlighted practical steps and approaches I should take to make what I want to achieve a reality. We also discussed what I needed to do to avoid going down a path that would not be in my best interests. There were many things she told me that she could not possibly have known and I was struck by the power of her psychic knowledge. All in all I felt reassured and happier after my session and knew that I was on the right track."
H.T. of Wellington

1. In her meditations Anna has the calm, clear voice of an angel.
2. Anna's wit and clarity is refreshing in the face of the heat of the moment when the energy is healing!
3. I love the way Anna makes airy fairy spiritual stuff so normal!
4. Anna's warmth and humanness help to create such an accessible pathway in to spirit.
5. I would travel the world with this woman! Laughter, clarity, wisdom, beauty, fun, warmth and so very down to earth!
Anna Groves

I did Anna's Develop Your Intuition course two years ago. I had had a few experiences since my mum passed away so I was open to finding out more about things. I started as a nervous newbie in the world of spiritualism but the word 'intuition' reassured me that it wouldn't be too left field for me. Anna was amazingly normal and funny and welcoming which reassured me and then as the weeks went on I realised she was also very powerfully connected with the universe. She took us on a journey to open up our intuition and it was fascinating. The best thing I learned was how to meditate and this has changed the way I live my life. It has given me the strength to overcome the challenges in my life and brought me a sense of well-being and peace that I didn't have before. I would recommend Anna's Develop Your Intuition course to everyone. It's also fun seeing what happens each week and meeting other like-minded people and the other 'visitors' who arrive sometimes.
Trish.N, Wellington

"Thank you Anna & your divine guides for creating the most beautiful Aura spray for me!  Every day I use this wonderful spray to help centre myself before the day ahead, to relax before I go to sleep and as a start to every meditation.  My aura spray has become a distinct part of my daily routine and each spray takes me to the wonderful universe we are all connected to.  I have enjoyed mine so much I arranged for one to be made for a friend who was thrilled by this very personal gift.  The added bonus of the pictures of the sprays being 'made' along with the deeper message, makes these unique and meaningful.  I'm looking forward to my next bottle!" 
Tania McCulloch, Auckland

I was very fortunate to be in Anna’s Develop your Intuition Course. In 8 weeks, my life space expanded vastly and became multidimensional.  My personal life becomes even happier, my work becomes focused and efficient, my health and energy level expand beyond sufficient. Life suddenly is full of choices and means. The abundance of love, friendship and proficiency flourishes ever after. Every day I say to myself how lucky I am to know Anna. I sincerely and unreservedly recommend Anna’s Develop your Intuition Course. 
YL, Wellington
“Anna has a natural ability to guide people through meditation – I went very deep during the Inner Planes meditations. I highly recommend her for all meditation and spiritual courses”.
Christiane Hargrave, Auckland

Anna’s genuine warmth from her soul came through her loving and wise eyes and touched me immediately when I first met her. I have done a one on one life skills session with Anna as well as attending her meditation and Christ Consciousness teaching classes. Anna has a divine energy that she generously shares with others to inspire personal growth and fulfilment. She is knowledgeable and her teachings and meditation sessions are powerful and effective in bringing a heightened connectedness for all of those who attend. Anna is fun, vibrant and youthful in her outlook and is generous and loving in her spirit. Anna is a perfect pleasure to be with and to learn from.
Rebecca - Wellington
As a teacher and spiritual guide, Anna Filliol embodies a beautiful combination of enthusiasm, ease, focus, and fun. Her teaching style meets my need to learn in a way that is both inspirational and grounded. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with her, and am looking forward to the next course with great enthusiasm! Her guided meditations are powerful and life-changing, and her commitment to spiritual development and planetary healing is inspiring and encouraging. I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to deepen their relationship with their own intuition or strengthen their connection to their guidance system.
Meg Williams, Aotearoa

“My husband and I have both had the good fortune to join some of Anna’s meditations over the past ten years. They are each experiences that along with knowing Anna have been important to our personal and spiritual growth. For those that are open to new experiences, I highly recommend a journey held by Anna”. Much love
John and Karen/Auckland


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