Services refers to all Services/Events/Healing/Tours/Retreats/Products/Workshops/Training/Meditation/Cosmic Life Force Energy System Training, Services & Products/Spiritual Gatherings/Blogs and anything else offered on Anna Filliol's websites called: , &

Services also includes the Feng Shui Consulting and Energetic House Clearing Anna Filliol offers which are not shown on the websites or

The services that Anna Filliol offers are of an Intuitive nature.

All Services Anna Filliol offers are for persons 18 years or older.

Anna Filliol has been providing energy and intuitive based Services to clients for 26 years however she strongly recommends you take professional advice on all personal matters especially Health care matters. Anna Filliol can take no responsibility regarding the outcome of actions taken as a result of advice received during a Service offered by Anna Filliol. Any information or advice given by Anna Filliol as part of the Services she offers is not meant to replace legal, medical, psychological or other professional services or advice.

Intuitive Services are a spiritual tool and can be used to access self-knowledge. The goal of an "Intuitive" such as Anna Filliol  is to guide the Client into understanding their options to help them understand their life path and choices. 

Anna Filliol does not give a 100% guarantee for any advice given during her Services as life is always variable with numerous changes in circumstances.

Anna Filliol reserves the right to deny service to anyone.

All information, intuitive guidance, energy work, advice, consultation and insights that Anna Filliol gives or teaches as part of the Services Anna Filliol offers her clients through her websites plus Feng Shui Consulting or Energetic House Clearing, are for clients to make decisions in their own lives for the greater good of themselves and others. Anna Filliol bears no responsibility for the actions or non actions taken by clients due to their interpretation of Services offered and given by Anna Filliol.  

Energy based and spiritual material, along with stress reduction and meditation material, may invoke an altered state of consciousness. One should never experience such materials while driving a vehicle, operating heavy machinery or equipment, taking recreational drugs or any mind altering substance, nor in any other situation that common sense would indicate it’s not a good idea.

The Services Anna Filliol offers are "technically" considered to be for fun and entertainment purposes but most people get a lot more out of her Services than just fun and entertainment. Anna Filliol encourages individual discernment in all aspects of life. For legal reasons however it must be stated here that all information/advice/guidance offered and given by Anna Filliol is for entertainment purposes only.

Please refer to Anna Filliol's  testimonials as evidence of the quality of her work.

By booking and paying for and using any of Anna Filliol's Services or Products, you agree to release Anna Filliol, Anna Blue Star, Cosmic Life Force Energy System and Heart Temples from any and all liability for any injury or issue that may appear, or be perceived to arise, from this entertainment experience. This includes physical, emotional, mental or spiritual experiences or states. 
Anna Filliol makes every effort to provide accurate guidance and provide informative material on her websites. Your life is your responsibility and you are the architect of your own life. All services and information are given as guidance only. You must make your own decisions and consult the relevant professionals regarding medical, legal, financial and investment advice. Anna Filliol will not be liable for any damages, loss or injury that accompany or result from your use of her Services or her websites called , &


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