Lighten. Balance. Ground. Align. Refresh. Harmonise. Elevate.

No matter what level or where you are at in your life, this programme will meet you there

Want some help in your life?

This programme assists you in any of the following, for example:

- when you want or need a boost
- when it's time for a general overhaul, reset, upgrade etc
- for times when you want extra support
- during times of transition
- during times of transformation
- elevation and upliftment
- when your energy is low
- when going through intense energies
- for an overall frequency upgrade
- for getting in alignment with the Divine
- when it's time to call the Light Brigade!
- when you are experiencing energy difficulties
- when you want to improve your flow
- extra support for Lightworkers/energy workers
- ascension support
- balancing & harmonising your Being
- when you want to give to and take care of yourself 
- and anything else you can think of

Communication with Anna during the programme

Anna will communicate/check in with you via FB messenger or email re the process and how you are progressing, as per your chosen option. Scroll down to Options & Prices to learn more. If you want to connect with her other than a brief message update on how you are going, please book a session at her usual rates.

How it works

Anna works with and oversees your energy:

- assessing your energy and its requirements
- checking/adjusting/balancing your Light levels
- flowing your Cosmic Life Force Energy 
- grounding your body
- aligning your Being (body,mind,soul,spirit)
- balancing your Elements (earth,air,fire,water)
- balancing your Chakras
- flowing prescription Cosmic Rays through you
- Divine Energy influx
- clearing as required
- increasing your Light levels
- elevating your Vibration
- harmonising your Being
- twice daily prayers/invocations on your behalf
- nightly Rest, Heal, Rejuvenate capsules 
- early morning Light infusions
- sending appropriate energies as needed
- working with whatever else arises to be balanced etc 

Also Receive:

- Brief communications/updates from Anna via FB messenger
- Energy tools tailored for you to use

All programmes are delivered remotely and mostly via recorded message 

Programme Options & Prices

Spaces are limited. 

Why are these programmes incredible value?

Anna works with your energy specifically at various times of the day but for the duration of your programme she holds you in her consciousness, overseeing your Being 

OCEAN - 3 weeks

Runs 15 days Mon - Fri for 3 weeks  steady, deep flows, fullness
with weekends off

ADULT - $6,999

CHILD 0 -12 yrs -  $5,500

PET -  $3,999


- Programme as described 
- Brief daily recorded message communications/updates from Anna via FB messenger, text or email
- Energy support tools for you to use

WAVES - 5 days

Runs for 5 consecutive days 
both strong & gentle flows
*highly recommended*

ADULT - $3,000

CHILD 0 -12 yrs - $2,250

PET - $1,500


- Programme as described
- Brief daily recorded message communications/updates from Anna via FB messenger, text or email 
- Energy support tools for you to use

SURGE - 24 hrs

Runs for 1 full day
intense flow
boost, special event or emergency

ADULT - $999

CHILD 0 -12 yrs - $750

PET - $500


- Programme as described
- Brief recorded message communications/updates x 3  from Anna via FB messenger, text or email 
- Energy support tools for you to use


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