Is it time to get energetically Clean & Clear?

Deep Energy Clearing & Light Infusion

Cleansing & Clearing dense energy is a natural part of life. Just as we need to maintain our physical hygiene, we also need to maintain our Energy hygiene. Sometimes we can become swamped in negativity. Many people need help to Clear themselves which is why Anna offers Clearing Services.

Who would benefit from a Clearing & Light Infusion? Clearing & Light Infusion is for anyone who knows they need it i.e. they have issues with negativity of any kind, it is also for those who want to maintain their overall well being. 

Sessions can be utilised as required or enjoyed on a regular basis to promote vitality and balance. 

Clearing & Light Infusion boosts and supports your ability to maintain LIGHT within and around you.

As with all Healing and Divine Rejuvenation sessions Anna offers, Anna is your initiator, guide, facilitator, guardian, divine observer and reporter, however it is your Soul which calls the session into Being and orchestrates exactly what will unfold in the session. As you can imagine each Clearing session is completely unique

Format & Cost

Clearings are done long distance. Please sit or lie somewhere quiet and undisturbed. When the Clearing & Light Infusion is complete Anna will message you (by text, email or messenger) and you will also receive a recorded message about your Clearing via email. Anna will also give you some simple tools to help you maintain your Clearing and build your Light quotients. 

Because Clearing involves working in various and unpredictable levels of density, it can be physically taxing on Anna, therefore on your appointment day, she works with you exclusively. These reasons along with Anna's level of expertise in Clearing, are reflected in the pricing below

SESSION LENGTH: 1hr -  includes recorded message debrief post session

and if required..

SESSION LENGTH: 45 mins - includes recorded message debrief post session


Please note that often more than one clearing is required. 


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