How does it work?

Cosmic Life Force Energy (CLFE) Healings work by increasing the flow of CLFE within you. When this happens, blocked energies start to move and disperse as the CLFE flows through you. Once the energy is flowing then the Healing can go deeper into other areas.

The aim of a CLFE Healing is to activate and boost the Cosmic Life Force Energy throughout all your systems Once this activation gathers momentum, your Being is offered spaces to create change, balance and wellbeing and to receive nourishment.  CLFE  Healing works to bring balance and harmony on all levels of your Being including: your body, mind, emotions, soul & spirit. 

CLFE Healing offers:

Dynamic Clearing, Alignment of your Being to source energy, Stabilising leaking energies, Recalling scattered energies & energy containment, Activating & Boosting the CLFE Flow within you, Clearing your Inner Cosmic Channel, Building your forcefield, Creating stability and balance within your Being, specific Wellbeing targeting, Emotional support and upliftment, Organ Rejuvenation, Balancing & Nourishing your Elements, Nourishing & Balancing your Chakras, Glandular Rejuvenation, Healing Rays plus an Energetic Protection Seal for up to 24 hours post healing.

A CLFE  Healing  will enter, kick start, boost  and direct  CLFE flows within you, plus clear you. It's now up to your conscious and subconscious to say "yes" to this opening and go with it. 


During the course of your CLFE Healing or CLFE & NLE combo packages, there is no need to stop and lie down. Via long distance, Anna works with your Being daily, as she is guided and as per your package. You will receive a recorded message  from her each day. She will let you know when all is completed. If during the process you want to speak at length with her, please book a 1:1 Connect with Anna session.

Is this for you?

With all energy offered via Anna, it's up to you how you receive it and use it.

Packages are recommended for anybody at any time. They address all aspects of Being including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Scroll down for options and prices.

CLFE Healing options & prices

A Cosmic Life Force Energy Healing is delivered incrementally over a 7 day period.
This gives you time to absorb and integrate the energies more easily.

CLFE Healing Packages

7 day General Wellness Flow - $1,050
think of it as a WoF (warrant of fitness) and general tune up experience. Please note that during the initial work Anna may find you need to increase to the Healing Flow level

7 day  Healing Flow - 1,400
For those wanting WoF, general tune up plus specific healing focus

7 day  High Need Intensive Flow- $2,800
for e.g. health crisis, healing crisis, emergency, hospital stay, treatment support, chemo support, fragile recovery phase etc

CLFE & NLE Combo Packages

Anna recommends doing a CLFE Healing and NLE combo. The systems although very different, are highly compatible and beneficial. Packages are a combo of 7 days of daily CLFE Healing along with 15  Next Level Energy sessions in the mix

7 day General Wellness Combo -  $1,800

7 day Healing Combo - $2,250

7 day High Need Intensive Combo - $3,999

Click here to discover NLE (Next Level Energy)

Anna can advise re which package is best for you


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