Cosmic Life Force Energy
RAY Healing & more

Divine Balance Healing Harmony Strength

Cosmic Life Force Energy (CLFE) RAYS are Divine powerhouses of energy and light. They are super potent and deeply nurturing. Receive CLFE Ray Healings from Anna or better still, let Anna initiate and attune you to the RAYS and learn them for yourself to use anytime anywhere. 

Discover & Learn the CLFE Rays


Level - 1
Discover and learn how to use the Healing RAYS - 
Session 1 
- mostly physical body
- 60 min zoom session: $333

Level - 2
Continue on to discover & learn the Wellbeing RAYS
- e.g. clearing, uplifting, peace, stability, abundance, joy and much more
- 60 min zoom session: $333

Level - 3 
Learn how to use the RAYS for Self Healing 
- go deeper with the Rays and how to use them
- 60 min zoom session: $333 

All sessions include pdf notes on the CLFE RAYS 

Receive CLFE Ray Healing


30 min session: $200
- add a 15min  DEEP CLEANSE $150
- add a recorded message debrief from Anna $50

50 min session: $300  **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**
- add a 20 min CLFE DEEP CLEANSE $150
- add a recorded message debrief from Anna $50

INTENSE 5 Day Programme - 40 mins per day: $999
- add  CLFE DEEP CLEANSE  (you choose how many)
- add a recorded message debrief from Anna @ $50 per message

Real Time and Time Capsule Release options available. All sessions are done via long distance. 


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