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Participant answers Q&A

1. What is your overall experience of these CREATION PROGRAMMES so far?
I feel the Healing one helped my tendons and ligaments.

2. What do you enjoy about them?
Potency and easy to use and integrate in the day

3. Have you noticed or experienced anything during or after using them?
I did ask for healing of my ligaments and tendons … and my hip is definitely less painful. Also my hands are locking less and are a bit more flexible.

4. Do you find them easy to use?
So easy

5. How would you describe them to a friend?
Potent and easy to use

6. Would you recommend them to others?

Participant answers Q&A

I found these Creation Programs very affirming.  

By having a go yourself, rather than relying on you, it does put your destiny and practice in your own hands.

I did find that I could make golden water.  

 I do find them easy to use.

I would describe them as an algorithm that you have programmed which we can access.  

We don’t have the tools to design our own algorithm.

September 2021

The CREATION programmes mum had created were so powerful and I feel like she covered all grounds! I used every one of them and often. These particular CREATION programmes were so simple to download and activate which was great. I sometimes even found myself doing these in my sleep. It was the most bizarre but beautiful feeling. It was like I was doing them subconsciously. This just confirms to me how incredibly powerful mum is! 
Kitty (daughter)

September 2021

The CREATION PROGRAMMES individually are magical …Light, Elevate, Healing etc., and the Golden Water is delicious and a must! 

Thankyou Anna,
Love and gratitude
Roz Clarke
Melbourne, Australia

September 2021

Anna provides special Creation Programmes that she downloads from the energy field that powerfully infuse divine light and healing energy which you can tap into for more directed energies to help inspire and elevate your soul. It’s always hard to articulate something that comes from beyond the human mind, but Anna has the tools to help you connect with your soul, hers and divine source to centre and heal your being.

Participant answers Q & A

1. What is your overall experience of the CREATION PROGRAMMES so far? 

I have enjoyed them. Each programme has its own vibe/presence, I find it fantastic to have tools that can be quickly accessed when more light more support more joy is wanted or needed on the day to day. Over night programmes are wonderful too.

2. What do you enjoy about them? 

The play and focus of the programmes. That you can activate a programme and know that you are getting additional light support 

3. Have you noticed or experienced anything during or after using them? 

I find putting time in on the programme gives it more presence in my feeling of it, experience of the programme. I have found shorter times have more intensity, maybe the combination of the programme and my conciseness of it 

4. Do you find them easy to use?  


5. How would you describe them to a friend? 

These programmes give you support and enlightenment that you can intuitively access for enriching your earthly life and empowering  your spiritually. 

6. Would you recommend them to others? Yes

C. Riley
Queenstown, NZ


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