Dissonance Clearing Technique

for inner freedom and peace

Would you love a clearing tool which is simple to learn?


Dissonance Clearing is a cutting edge energy clearing technique, simple but incredibly thorough. It's a tool you can use any time you feel dissonance within yourself about anything, anyone and of course about yourself. It's always felt within yourself because it's always your dissonance. Once you have learnt the technique, now you are empowered to clean up your own act and work at your own pace. 

How it came into being

Anna, in connection with the Timeless Cosmos, created this tool. She wanted something straightforward, quick and potent to use herself and share with others, thus Dissonance Clearing was born. It's simple to use but in truth it's a divine distillation of advanced energy application and Anna's 30 year's expertise.

Dictionary meaning of Dissonance

Lack of agreement or harmony between people or things, lack of harmony between the truth and what people want to believe, stark disagreement or lack of consistency. Inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one's actions and one's beliefs.  Disruption in the harmonic sounds or rhythm, an inharmonious sound or combination of sounds; discord. AKA - tricky vibes! 

Visceral Dissonance feels

Unsettled inner responses to thoughts, feelings and experiences rendering you e.g. 
upset, stressed, unresolved, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, angry, sad, hurt, anxious, betrayed, scared, weak, fragile, exhausted, disturbed, afraid, unhappy, sick, jealous, consumed, victimised, and a zillion other yukky things that you no longer wish to entertain.

What people are saying

An amazing tool
It works really well
Soooo good
I love the peace I feel after a clearing
It's really changing my inner states
I feel much calmer overall
It was easy to learn
Super empowering
I'm feeling independent  and neutral post clearing
Very freeing
Wow, afterwards I forgot what I cleared
A gamechanger
After a clearing, the dissonance seems to evaporate
I'm finding it really useful
It's such a relief to be capable of clearing myself

Format & Cost

-Learn the Dissonance Clearing Technique with Anna 
1 hr session - $333
Includes pdf notes

-Guided Dissonance Clearing with Anna
for those who have learnt the technique but enjoy being guided
45 min session - $200

Please note that for the 2 sessions above 
if a longer session is required for either of the above, add $50 each additional 15 mins

-Long Distance Dissonance Clearing (Anna does the clearing)
45 min session - $300


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