About Feng Shui

Based on the laws of nature, Feng Shui was developed thousands of years ago by the ancient Chinese and is still widely used throughout Asia today.

Simply, Feng Shui aims to harness good life force energy  known as Qi in order to bring health, wealth, abundance, love and good fortune into our lives. Our environments mirror our inner selves and therefore our surroundings reflect our conscious and unconscious beliefs.

Feng Shui can help identify aspects in our lives that we may wish to change, and through arranging your home or work place into certain harmonious patterns plus implementing Feng Shui cures, these changes can be supported.

Anna & Feng Shui

Fascinated by Feng Shui for many years, Anna trained formally under Master Yu Gui Feng of the Master Feng Institute Australia in 2004. She appeared several times on TVNZ Good Morning show as their Feng Shui expert and considers Feng Shui to be a natural branch of her extensive intuitive work. 

Anna is passionate about creating positive energy flows

Feng Shui Services

Anna offers:
Remote Feng Shui by phone, facetime or zoom using plans, photographs and/or videos. You also have an option to receive recorded messages from Anna. 

Occasionally she does in person consultations as well.

Cost & Format
$250 hourly rate


Home Package: 
Preliminary discussion, consultation, house/land clearing & written report Feng Shui Report $2500

Feng Shui workshops/courses - would you like to gather a group together? Or join one of Anna's?  Please contact Anna to register your interest

Anna recommends purchasing Health and Protection Products against EMF and geopathic stress which Anna considers essential. Ask her for more info 

How Anna works

In her Feng Shui practice Anna works with: 

- Wind & Water Related analysis: examining the symbolism of the way wind and water flows

- Form School: study of landforms, water courses, physical environments  such as surrounding buildings, streets, hills, rooms, furniture and objects

- Qi, Yin Yang and the Five Elements: analysis of Qi, Yin Yang and the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood

- Compass School:  the Bagua (or Eight House System) is made up of 8 Trigrams. Each Trigram is a symbolic manifestation of Qi energy. Each Trigram represents a compass direction and holds a different energy pattern

- Common Sense: e.g. clearing clutter, what feels right, practical solutions

- Symbolism: i.e. the symbolic meaning of certain objects and their placement

- Her highly honed intuition and energy expertise

“I feel it is very important to bring Feng Shui to the Southern Hemisphere in a simple, contemporary and accessible way. I like to think outside the box regarding Feng Shui cures while still working from a traditional foundation.”


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