Open to receive vibrant energy ...

Free Flow Healing/Energy Support offers high vibe energies, meeting your energy requirements in the moment. Sessions can include a combo of any of the healing styles Anna offers and beyond, there is no planned format...

Free Flow energy support is a culmination of 30 years of healing and energy facilitation experience. I look forward to working  and flowing with you xxx

Session options:
30 mins $180
60 mins $333
You will receive a recorded message from Anna
after your session.

Before, during & after your session

Option 1 
5-10 minutes before your appointment starts, switch off phone etc, ensure you won't be disturbed, sit or lie down in a warm comfortable place...and simply be open to receive your healing. No pressure....relax...let your thoughts wonder, breathe slowly, doze, visualise good vibes, fall asleep...whatever works for you. The energy will be flowing through you no matter what. Enjoy.

Stay put during your session and for as long as you feel after it has finished.

Option 2
Anna will send your session through whilst you are either asleep or going about your day. 

With all energy offerings, it's up to you how you receive it and use it.


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