Group Healing Wave Sessions

and so much more.....


Potent energies working on all levels of your Being i.e. body, emotion, mind, soul
and spirit. The flavour of each session will be unique, with Cosmic vibrations
flowing through you individually and as part of a group.
I am super excited to offer this programme.


After fab feedback from recent Group Programmes, plus many requests for healings in the current climate, I am now offering Group Healing Wave Sessions which are potent, juicy, exponential and uplifting, and enable me to open up more healing/divine light spaces for you to access.

For an hour on selected Sundays, in the comfort of your own space, you can soak up Divine Cosmic Waves filled with Light, Love, Harmony, Healing, Energy Support, Rejuvenation, Upliftment, alignment to source and more. Deep clearing and transmutation will occur wherever necessary. Sessions are done as a Group Wave with individual attention in the mix as well. From past experience, the synergy of the collective group energy creates exponential Light frequencies and amazing vibes

The overall aim? To support your needs on all levels of your Being. 

You will receive a recorded group message after the session sent to your email in the morning.

Group Healing Wave sessions with Anna take place mostly on the Inner Planes (etheric realms), in exquisitely Divine Healing temples and halls. More info on this coming soon.  

Group Wave Sessions format

Receive: Divine Cosmic Energy Support, Light Infusions, Clearing, Healing, Divine Energy alignment and Elevation energies plus a recorded Group message post session.

Sunday nights 8pm - 9pm or
Time Capsule release option available Monday 4am - 5am NZ time. So basically, go to sleep on Sunday night and your session will be released to you in the wee hours of Monday morning.

How to book: make payment for the session you wish to join. Ensure payment has time to be received by Anna before the session. 

Next, email Anna to notify her of your payment and to confirm your place on your selected dates. You are welcome to send her an email with details of what you wish to focus on it the session, or simply leave it to unfold in the Divine Expression of the session. 

If you want to use the Time Capsule Release option please let her know this as well. 

Scroll to listen to previous sessions, read session instructions, Dos & Don'ts and Cancellation Policy 

Scroll down for audio of previous sessions and session instructions

Is this for you?

Everyone needs energetic support in their lives. Just as we eat food, drink water and breathe air, we also utilise energy and we want this energy to be pure and healthy.

Group Healing Wave Sessions bring Cosmic Energy flow to your Being so it can receive Divine Love and Light, on all levels.

Your Being knows exactly what to do with this energy! 

Good too for pre vax prep and post vax recovery. Be sure Anna knows before your session starts, if you want this particular focus in the mix.

Sunday Healing Wave dates 2022

Dates coming soon

Session options & time

8pm - 9pm NZ 
Anna will be meditating from 7.30pm and you are welcome to join her in the ethers

REAL TIME 8pm - 9pm NZ time plus TIME CAPSULE RELEASE: 4am - 5am NZ time
Anna will be meditating from 7.30pm - 8pm and you are welcome to join her in the ethers 

If Sunday 8pm - 9pm NZ Time doesn't work for you, you can book the Time Release Capsule option. Simply go to sleep on Sunday night and receive your Healing experience in the wee hours of morning Monday from 4am - 5am NZ time. Time Release Capsule service must be pre booked as your Healing takes place with the main Group Wave Healing as an encapsulated expression and released to you between 4am - 5am NZ time aka in the early hours of Monday morning.

For private 1:1 Healings click here

Cost per Session

Adults: $99 
Children: $88 (ages 0 - 16)
Pets: $66
Land/Space including all life inhabiting: $600 with both Group message and a brief private FB message

INCLUDES a Group Recorded message emailed from Anna in the morning after the session. 

Spaces are limited so please make payment to reserve your place. 

Listen to previous session recordings below. Each Group Healing Wave is completely unique. As you listen, you can receive it's Divine emanations. For those who experienced the session in Real Time or Time Capsule Release, each time you re-listen to a post meditation recorded message, you are transported back into the experience. For those who did not experience the session you will receive many benefits but in a different way.

20 March 2022

20 Feb 2022

12 Dec 2021

Session instructions:

Firstly, having booked and paid for your selected Group Healing Wave date, please send an email to Anna, no later than 5pm on the day of your session, with any specific things you would like addressed in this session.  

Alternatively leave everything to the Divine Cosmic Intelligence and simply open your Being to receive. Remember, your Creator knows you and all your needs.

Anna will be sitting in meditation from 7.30pm - 8pm. Feel free to optionally join her then in the ethers.

5 - 10 minutes (or longer) before your session commences at 8pm, make sure you are settled down and resting, either sitting or lying undisturbed for the duration of the session, same for the Time Release Capsule option which goes through at 4am NZ time, hopefully while you are asleep.

These Healing Waves are a deeply sacred offering. It is up to you how sacred you make the lead up to your session however there are some important guidelines.  See right for Dos & Don'ts.

Dos & don'ts

Do feel free to fall asleep. Listening to gentle music is fine. If absolutely necessary, getting up slowly to use the toilet or get a drink of water is fine but go back to resting immediately after.

Don't go out and about while your booked session is taking place. No alcohol etc on session day. No reading or watching screens, listening to podcasts or any other distractions. 

If you do happen to go out and about whilst booked into a session for whatever reason, the Divine Cosmic Energy will place you into a gorgeous cocoon of love, peace and protection but you will not receive any other energetics. This is for your wellbeing while you are on the move and the overall group harmony.

Rest post session  to let the powerful energetics assimilate and feel free to drift off to sleep anytime. If you are going to listen, read or watch anything, avoid all negativity in the content. Avoid engaging in conversation post session as well, especially banal or negative conversation.

Group Healing Wave Sessions Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your session, cancellation must be received by Anna in writing via email or FB messenger, by 5pm NZ time on the day of your session. After the 5pm cancellation cut off, your session becomes non refundable and non transferable to another date. If you forget to attend your session there is no refund as Anna will have included you in that particular session however the Divine Cosmic Energy will have placed you into a gorgeous cocoon of love, peace and protection but you will not receive any other energetics. This is for your wellbeing and for the overall group harmony. 

Time Capsule Release  sessions have the same cancellation policy and same cut off time on Sunday 5pm. The reason being that although your session will release at another time, Anna is working with you in the main Group Healing Wave Session from 8pm on Sunday.

Sessions are only transferable or refundable when for some unforeseen reason, Anna has had to change a date.


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