Divine Meditative Experiences

Live event in the Timeless Cosmos


Anna has run Group Meditations for eons! Her Group Meditations are highly sought after and she loves running them. Each meditation session carries its own unique flavour, is filled with Divine Energies and brought through the ethers to benefit all levels of your Being.

On selected Sundays, in the comfort of your own space, you can join Anna in a deep meditative experience within the Timeless Cosmos. The synergy of the collective group energy creates exponential openings and powerful vibrations. Your Soul with meet with Anna and the Group on the Inner Planes. 

Session time options

Start with Anna in optional silent meditation from 7.30 -8pm and then move into the guided part of the session from 8pm - 9pm


If Sunday REAL TIME doesn't work for you, you can book the Time Capsule Release  option. Simply go to sleep on Sunday night and receive your Healing experience in the wee hours of morning Monday from 4am - 5am NZ time or at a time agreed between you and Anna if you are in another time zone

Time Release Capsule services must be pre booked as your meditation takes place with the main Group Meditation as an encapsulated expression and released to you in the early hours of the morning or at the agreed time as mentioned above.


In both Real Time and Time Capsule Release meditation options, your Soul will be joining the meditation in the ethers with Anna and the group. If you are meditating at the same time as  Anna, you will be experiencing the meditation in Real Time which is a more conscious experience for you. Both are great, both are potent, but both are different. Having said this I am excited to offer the Time Capsule Release option so the benefits are available to more Souls more readily.

During the Real Time session you will be able to listen to Anna intermittently guiding you during the session via Zoom Audio. For those doing Time Release, you can listen to this later while you meditate. 

With your post meditation debrief recorded message, each time you re-listen to it you are transported back into the experience. This recording will be posted on the Divine Meditative Experiences website page for your convenience. 

The overall aim is

To create deep sacred space for you to enter so you can:
- experience Divine Energy at a cellular and molecular level 
- raise your energy and vibrate in Cosmic Light
- commune with the Cosmos
- access pure and timeless zones
- follow the experience as Anna is guided to unfold it for you

Sunday Meditation dates 2022

Dates coming soon
-Optional 7.30pm - 8pm silent meditation zone with Anna
-Live Zoom Divine Meditative Experience with Anna 8pm - 9pm

Cost per 90 minute Session

Adults: $99 
Children: $65 (ages 0 - 18)
Pets: $15
- optional 30 minutes silent meditation with Anna to start the session (7.30pm -8pm)
- then 60 minutes Live Zoom audio event with Anna guiding you during the session (8pm -9pm)
- a recording of the session posted on the Divine Meditative Experience website page
- plus a post session Recorded Message debrief emailed to you after your session. 

Please make payment to reserve your place. 

Scroll to bottom of page to read Session instructions, Dos & Don's and Cancellation Policy 

Session instructions:

Anna will be sitting in pre session meditation from 7.30pm - 8pm. Feel free to optionally join her then in the ethers.

5 - 10 minutes (or longer) before your session commences make sure you are settled down and resting, either sitting or lying undisturbed for the duration of the session, same for the Time Capsule Release Capsule option during which time you are likely to be asleep.

The Meditations are deeply sacred offerings. It is up to you how sacred you make the lead up to your meditation however there are some important guidelines.  See right for Dos & Don'ts.

Dos & don'ts

Listening to gentle music during the meditation is fine. If absolutely necessary, getting up slowly to use the toilet or get a drink of water is fine but go back to the meditation straightaway. No reading or screens.

Don't go out and about while your booked meditation is taking place. No alcohol etc on session day and preferably not the day before or after either. 

If you do happen to go out and about whilst booked into a meditation for whatever reason, the Divine Cosmic Energy will place you into a gorgeous cocoon of love, peace and protection but you will not receive any other energetics. This is for your wellbeing while you are on the move and the overall group harmony.

Rest post meditation to let the powerful energetics assimilate and feel free to drift off to sleep. If you must  listen, read or watch anything, avoid all negativity in the content. Avoid engaging in conversation post session as well, especially banal or negative conversation.

Group Meditation Experiences Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your Group Meditation Experience (Real Time or Time Capsule Release) cancellation must be received by Anna in writing via email or FB messenger, by 5pm NZ time on the day of your booking. After the 5pm cancellation cut off, your booking becomes non refundable and non transferable to another date. If you forget to attend your Meditation there is no refund as Anna will have included you in that particular session however the Divine Cosmic Energy will have placed you into a gorgeous cocoon of love, peace and protection but you will not receive any other energetics. This is for your wellbeing and for the overall group harmony. 

Time Capsule Release sessions have the same cancellation policy and same cut off time on Sunday 5pm. The reason being that although your session will release at another time, Anna is working with you in the main Group Meditation Experiences session from 7.15pm on Sunday.
Sessions are only transferable or refundable when for some unforeseen reason, Anna has had to change a date.


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