Deep Rest & Rejuvenation
Group Sessions

In Elongated Time not Linear Time

Cutting edge energy experiences

For profound rest and restoration/rejuvenation. During your 1 hour session, you will undergo a profound rest and rejuvenation period. The reason being is that you will experience the entire session in Elongated Time within the Timeless Cosmos which can be many years in linear Earth time. In each session Anna is your initiator, guide, facilitator, guardian, divine observer and reporter, however it is your Soul which calls the session into Being and orchestrates exactly what will unfold in the session. 

Anna says

These sessions are soooo beneficial. We all need to create true deep rest within our Being and 2 days off or even 2 months off mostly doesn't really cut it as there are always things do do and responsibilities pulling at us. Absolute rest and the ensuing restoration/rejuvenation this invites is an amazing opportunity which I can now offer you. Imagine going to sleep and during one hour (linear time) of that sleep you will experience months or even years of stillness and rest in Elongated Earth Time (non linear time) within the Timeless Cosmos.


These Sunday Evening/Monday morning Group sessions are experienced in one of three ways:

Option 1 Real Time 
8pm - 9pm NZ time 

Option 2 - Double Session
REAL TIME 8pm - 9pm NZ time plus TIME CAPSULE RELEASE: 4am - 5am NZ time.

Anna will be meditating pre session start time from 7.30pm - 8pm and you are welcome to join her in the ethers in Real time.

Option 3 - While You Snooze
If Sunday 8pm - 9pm NZ Time doesn't work for you, you can book the Time Capsule Release option. Simply go to sleep on Sunday night and receive your Deep Rest & Restoration experience in the wee hours of morning Monday from 4am - 5am NZ time. Time Capsule Release service must be pre booked as your session takes place with the main Group Session as an encapsulated expression and released to you between 4am - 5am NZ time aka in the early hours of Monday morning.

For anyone in other time zones, please connect with Anna to sort your best time for Time Capsule Release

Cost per session


Real Time: $99 
Double Session: experience both Real Time & Time Capsule Release - $150 
While you snooze Time Capsule Release: $99 

Includes: a Group Recorded message emailed from Anna in the morning after the session. 

 0 - 16 yrs: $88 
Pets: $66
Land/Space including all inhabitants: $600. Real Time & Time Capsule Release plus a brief private FB message

How to book

Make payment for the session you wish to join. Ensure payment has time to be received by Anna before the session. 

Next, email Anna to notify her of your payment and to confirm your place on your selected dates.

You must

Be lying down during your session and don't go out and about afterwards.

After your session you can get up for a drink of water or to use the bathroom but straight back to lying down when done

No alcohol etc before or after (for as many days as possible)

Please understand that this experience is deeply sacred and treat it as such

Anna explains how it began

Over several weeks during recent 1:1 Divine Healing sessions on the Inner Planes, something wondrous began occurring for my clients. In almost every session, clients were "taken" into what I call Elongated Time within the Timeless Cosmos. 

What this means is that your Being gets the opportunity to experience long periods of Earth Time within a one hour session because of Elongated Time within the Timeless Cosmos. E.g. Client K in her 1 hour Healing session, actually spent 2 yrs 8months Earth years via Elongated Time within the Timeless Cosmos.

Now I know this may sound rather mind bending but it's actually happening in the ethers! I can't give all the reasons why but I can tell you that it is happening. From here I began to understand that this was how the ancients were able to spend many years rejuvenating themselves or deeply resting, without actually wasting the short years of their Earthly lives.

Now I am able to offer this experience within a group setting as well. I can't wait to see you there!


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