Guided Recapitulation Sessions
with Anna

Recapitulation is a Clearing process which empowers you to resolve hidden aspects of your Being which are causing you e.g. stress, fear, agitation or unhappiness. It helps you to access deep awareness, insight and clearing so you can experience increasing freedom. Each session works on one question per session.

Guided Recapitulations with Anna can help create balance and wellbeing within your self, as you move through your daily life.


The Cosmic Life Force Energy System teaches you how to do your own Recapitulations however many people also enjoy doing a Guided Recapitulation session with Anna from time to time. Please note that although Anna will be guiding, you will be doing the work. This is empowering.

Each Recapitulation Session is:
2 hrs - and costs $600

Contact Anna to learn more or book your session


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