For individuals, couples or groups.


Harmony Sound Bath sessions are deeply clearing, healing and freeing. Anna curates the session using sound, instruments and music as she weaves her energy magic into the mix. 

Everything is designed to seamlessly flow in and through you, filling you with Light and connecting you with a unique inner journey arising from within your own body, mind, soul and spirit. This can be a profound experience, so plan to take the rest of your day/night off.

These sessions are held in Wellington when Anna in in town.

Format & Cost

Session Length:
1 - 4 participants: 1hr 30min
5 participants upwards: 2 hrs


1 person: $200
2 people: $300
For every additional person: $50 per person

At the start of your session you will have a short conversation with Anna. During the actual Sound Bath part you will be lying down.


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