You don't have to be perfect to let your soul shine...

You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should... Max Ehrmann

Embodying Divine flow in your daily life takes application but it's easier than you may think. Your choice, your flow...

I look forward to helping you unfold into your unique version of an elevated free flowing life

Life Focus sessions with Anna are a combination of any of the following:  an exploration into Light via clear conversation, reflective insights, trouble shooting, sound boarding, spontaneous sparking, creative brain storming, training for positive mindset/positive life experiences,  divine alignment, intuitive guidance/information, energy tools & practical application tips. Spiritual/energy training or mentoring. Ongoing Blueprint evolution work
For Clearings please ask for a quote.

The world around you mirrors directly back to you what is directly within you. Once you get the knack of  choosing to live more and more as high vibe flow, you become like a beautiful clear river and life evolves into feeling better overall. And on those off days, when the wobbles hit or you go murky and the eddies of life spin you round, you the river, can take a moment to stop, tune in, reset and then at your leisure, opt back into the current. The river knows the current. As human rivers we are learning to know the current.

The beauty in all this my friend, is that you are always the river. As life throws its inevitable curve balls, make like the river and flow over them, flow around them, through them...  just keep following the current...all the way to the ocean.


30 mins: $120
45 mins: $180
1 hr:  $240
For extended time: add $60 each 15 min

1:1 Sessions with Anna are usually by phone, zoom, FaceTime or skype.

How to book

1. Email or FB message Anna to book your Free Flow experience

2. Anna will reply to organise an appointment time

3. Once you have an appointment time with Anna, make payment to confirm your appointment

Anna sees the Divine in you and wants to help you see, feel and know it too!


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