Daily Foundation Synergy
Meditation Package

There are many who spend a lifetime trying to access the Divine within, these meditations are designed to take you there

Anna has been guiding meditations for 25 years. She is an expert. Her meditation gatherings and retreats are highly sought after. It is said she has the ability to lead you where you have always wanted to go but never been able to find...


In the Daily Foundation Synergy Meditations we use visualisation, imagery and our imagination to open all our senses to connect with palpable energy. Because the mind is SO powerful, in these guided meditations we can use our mind to pull actual experiences through the visualisation doorways. This enables us to generate a flow of electricity within the physical body which by the way, is essential to life. It will also enable us simultaneously flow Light through the body’s energetic counterparts like the energy centres of our chakras, our aura & entire energy field including our thought fields & emotional fields plus our consciousness, soul etc, if not immediately then over time with regular practice. 

With practice, these 4 core meditations can build a deep and powerful foundation of wellbeing within you along with a capacity to dissolve density.  They are designed to appear simple however the distillation process behind them is vast; not least of all because they are training you how to readily access and activate the Divine which resides eternally within you, always. 

How to do them

The Daily Foundation Synergy Meditations can be done any time in the comfort or your home, car or sitting somewhere peaceful out in nature. All you need is a mobile phone or computer to access the recordings. 

You can do them singularly or in any combination however the most potent practice is to do all 4 in sequence which gives you a 40 minute session. If you were to split the 40 minutes up into a twice a day practice, I recommend you do NOURISH & BALANCE in the morning and CLEAR & HEAL in the evening.

Once you have done the Daily Foundation Synergy Meditations several times, they can be done with or without the recorded guidance. The key is to do them regularly, just as you would take a shower & clean your teeth, eat, exercise, rest etc.

Over time as you become adept….you will be able to occasionally shorten the practice when necessary.

Who is this package for?

It's for anyone who is still in the process of transcending aspects of ego, mundane expression, the treadmill of emotional reactions, negative thought patterns, tribal consciousness yadda yadda yadda. The aim is to be moving from from frequent density expression to occasional to none. Basically most humans to varying degrees can benefit from these core foundation meditations.

Even those who are advanced in their body-mind-soul development will find them useful. Why? Because while we are still in the process of transcendence, these meditations have an enormous capacity to support you physically, emotionally, mentally and in your spiritual practices.

It also makes an excellent accompaniment to those training in the Cosmic Life Force Energy System.

It is true that most spiritual practices are really about transcending the non spiritual unevolved aspects of ourselves!

Synergy for all levels

Simple enough for beginners, advanced enough for others. The Daily Foundation Synergy Meditations are easy to do however there is a complex and potent synergy between the four meditations which builds a foundation which is key to balance, wellbeing and spiritual advancement and should not be bypassed. The more you do them, or the more advanced you are, the deeper the effect.

They are very relaxing and enjoyable to do. They are also dynamic and super potent.

Scroll down to discover the 4 Meditations

Please read the brief notes on each meditation below, before you listen to the recordings


Just as bathing each day is a given, so should energy clearing be a given. Washing off all that we have accumulated in a day is a major tool for creating wellbeing in our lives whether it be physical, or energy based e.g. unseen emotions, thoughts, your unhealthy reactions, other people’s stuff etc. If you are new to Clearing your energy, it may take several sessions to start reaping all the benefits. For those who are already using Clearing practices, you will enjoy this simple but intensely powerful meditation. The process of deeply Clearing out old energy is accumulative, eventually allowing daily energy release to be a breeze.
Basically we are talking shadow and density out, purity and light in!


Is a dynamic yet soothing experience during which we learn how to generate inner waves of healing colour and beauty for our wellbeing. We become colour alchemists as we give specific areas the healing attention they need. Once we have discovered and unlocked the opening point of our Inner Cosmic Rainbow, we commence an incredible journey into Divine Light, one that we are all eventually destined to make at some point. Truly Magnificent!

This meditation is a wondrous healing tool which everyone can use. 

For those actively focussed on their spiritual unfolding, it lays down energetic preparations for Rainbow Light Body activation. 


During the meditation, we are going to feed and uplift our entire Being with Divine Light.  Without using descriptive words as to why, this synergy meditation will unlock a deep awareness that we are intrinsically a microcosm of the macrocosm, and everything is held within us. Using self generated Light we will profoundly nourish our energies. It is a true meditation in radiance. It is also a natural remembrance of what/who we truly are…Divine Light. 

This meditation is a profoundly nourishing and affirming experience on all levels of Being... Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit.


This meditation is different from CLEAR, HEAL & NOURISH as it is more of a “technical style” meditation.

It teaches you how to create an inner steadiness which is imperative to inner (and outer) balance on so many levels.

It also has the potential to improve your overall posture with a natural roll-on effect into better health, as well.

Once you have mastered the  process in this meditation, which is very easy, you will be able to apply the technique in an instant at any time of day.

The meditations may appear simple but they are not.
They are distillations of vast cosmic Light

What will I receive?

 4 meditations recorded by Anna. CLEAR, HEAL, NOURISH & BALANCE.
They are approximately 10 minutes each and will be emailed to you.

Note that your order is a manual process by Anna so please make allowances for time differences. She is in the Southern Hemisphere.

Cost & how to order

Please make payment and then contact Anna with your order details. She will send them as soon as she receives your payment.


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