Next Level Energy

Bringing energy support into all areas of your life

For everybody of any age, all circumstances, all life - pets included, all life forms, all situations and great for Light Workers too.

About NLE

Anna offers Next Level Energy for your Divine and Earthly harmony. 

NLE supports your goals, your health, your life, your focus and your Divine aspirations.  It's pretty cool!

Instead of Anna doing energy work "on" you Next Level Energy is a co-creative process between your Being, Anna's Being and Next Level Energies. The overall expression is multi levelled, multi faceted and Divine!

NLE aims to bring your vibration into positive connections, balanced states and healthy energy flows. Your Being can utilise these states however it chooses, for example to: transform, realign, heal, recover, release, rest, free up, gain clarity, rebalance, strengthen, replenish, anchor, ground, activate,  uplift, expand etc. 

Clients love receiving their daily recorded message from Anna as she shares what transpires in their NLE sessions. This helps to bring insight, clarity and much more.

How does it happen?

Next Level Energy assists all states of your Being - body, emotions, mind, soul, spirit and cosmic.

It is accessed via NLE Wellbeing Support Packages and NLE Maintenance Programmes. Everyone is different and your NLE experiences will be uniquely yours. 

During the course of your Next Level Energy package or Maintenance Programme there is no need to stop and lie down. Via long distance, Anna works with your Being as and when she is guided on the days of your package. You will receive a recorded message  from her each day. If during the process you want to speak at length with her, please book a 1:1 Session with Anna session.

With all NLE, it's up to you how you receive it and use it.

To support you during and after receiving NLE Wellbeing energies you will be sent recordings of 3 useful breathing techniques and  a visualisation to use as often as you wish.

Time for an energy Zhuzh?

Zhuzh (also spelled zhoosh) as a verb, means “to make (something) more lively"

Next Level Energy options & prices

For individuals, families, groups, pets, plants, land, places, spaces & situations

NLE Wellbeing Support Packages

Packages are recommended for anybody at any time. They address all aspects of Being including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

- 1 day: $333

- 3 days: $630

5 days: $960  *most popular*


High Need+  for  e.g. emotional upsets, challenging situations, shock, surgery support, crisis, healing crisis, emergency, hospital stay, treatment support, chemo support, fragile recovery phase . Please note that in some cases CLFE Healing is the better option here. Anna will advise you.
- 3 days: $999
- 5 days: $1,500

Once High Need+ has passed then use the regular  1, 3 or 5    day  packages as above or NLE Maintenance Programmes (see right) if  appropriate.

NLE Maintenance Programme

As a pre requisite for starting NLE Maintenance Programmes you must have experienced a NLE Wellbeing Support Package within a 4 week period prior to commencing any of the maintenance programme below.
4 sessions NLE: $840
Think of the programme above as regular wellbeing support/energy. You can also book additional healing/support services whilst you are on the maintenance programme.

Please note that often Anna  may spread out the length of time periods she works on you e.g. during a 3 day Package your 9 sessions could extend over more than the 3 day period.  
Anna will advise you re what she feels is right for you, before and during your package.

For families, groups, pets, land, places & situations please contact Anna for a quote

With all energy offerings, it's up to you how you receive it and use it.


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