What people are saying about the Cosmic Life Force Energy

November 2018

I was recently Initiated and Activated into the First Wave Foundation levels of Cosmic Life Force Energy, as taught by Anna. This was a profound and timely experience that has lifted my connection to Creation and my place within it. Everyday since as I open more to the Cosmic Life Force Energy I am becoming more present to this life and more actively involved in my spiritual development and expression here on Earth. I sense a true co-creation occurring,  filled with hope, and the possibility of far-fetched dreams and desires manifesting. I feel more joy, more light, more freedom.

Shadows, doubt, fear and lower grids that I have been tethered to in the past dissolve effortlessly, much without even thinking of it. Key people in my life are communicating more their own truths and dreams, and there is freedom in my relationships with others.
I feel a deep peace and ease in myself that is growing daily. Everyday I am deeply nurtured and filled with absolute love from the CLFE and all divine spirits that walk with me.

This is a powerful tool for connection, and one that as I practice is allowing deep healing and transformation on a personal, global and cosmic level. It is evolutionary.

Kaz. R oXx Australia 

November 2018

It has been incredible. I know it has changed something huge in me.
Thank you.
CLFE - Intro Group Event
LCD, Wellington

I felt like I came home to myself.
CLFE - Intro Group Event
Ollie, Wellington

November 2018

Last night was amazing, we've been talking about
it all day. I'm feeling very light, and relaxing
into a deeper depth of love for myself.
CLFE - Intro Group Event
Sam, Wellington

The Cosmic Life Force Energy experience in Castle Hill was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever felt in a meditation.. I was actually lost for words.
Castle Hill Group Retreat
OR, Wellington


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