What can the Cosmic Life Force Energy do for you?

Learn about a vibrant new energy system which can change your life for the better!

Discover. Learn. Evolve

1. Path of POWER

Cosmic Life Force Energy Training Flow
CLFE Foundation Flow
Balance & Consolidation - Level 1
CLFE Alchemy Rays & Cosmic Commands - Level 1
Balance & Consolidation - Level 2
Cosmic Balance

Optional Training
Cosmic Tools CLEAR
Full Body Rejuvenation Level 1

2. Path of LOVE

Path of LOVE Training flow

Self Love & Compassion
Glandular Rejuvenation
Cosmic Upgrades - Level 1
Radical Forgiveness
Divine Compassion
Divine Love
Cosmic Upgrades Level - 2
Divine Heart
Planetary Service - Level 1

3. Path of LIGHT

Path of LIGHT Training Flow

Coming soon

For  detailed information on everything above please visit www.CosmicLifeForceEnergy.com

I want to say that with the CLFE work that I do, life is just so much more manageable and clear and simply quite stunning to be honest! I feel grounded, strong and connected and when I am not I can get back there very quickly. It's amazing and I love it and I am grateful to you for our last retreat as it has set me up so well for my life reset!
Jo Chetwynd, Marlborough, NZ


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