7 Day ELEVATE Programme & Vaccine Recovery Programme

I have done sessions with Anna for over twenty years:  meditation, one on one healing, post vaccine one on one intensive, and the 7 Day Elevate group program.

I trust Anna implicitly to know what is best for me and my health and well-being. Anna has coached me to expand on all areas of my life. This has had major positive impacts on the way I live. 

My post vaccine program was a game changer. We started at the foundations, gave them a good shake up and continued on. The way I feel after this program is extraordinarily better than before.

Anna gives you the programs and tools for life. I recommend her most heartily to anyone who wishes to make positive changes in their life.

Clare Cannon
Melbourne, Australia

22 Day Divine Cosmic Energy Support & ELEVATE programmes

My dreams came true. Doors finally opened for me after a little bit of inner journeying on my part but with a huge support and input from Anna. There were some down days when shadow was casting its pall but that was only a tiny, necessary part of an incredible, uplifting, light filled experience. I literally couldn't believe the things, big and small, that were manifesting in my world and how productive I became. My connection with God deepened with every meditation. I felt very alive, aware and centred and I deeply knew all was well. I loved the rhythm of the ritual and routine of prayers, invocations, meditation and … miracles. 

I can't speak highly enough of the elevated gift Anna brings to us and this planet. What Anna provides in her gentle guiding role as facilitator on these programs, goes way beyond the course details, perhaps as far as the cosmos.

Lisa Mackenzie
Client for 12 years

22 Day Divine Cosmic Energy Support Programme, Sept 2021

1.What was your overall experience of the 22 Day Divine Cosmic Energy Support programme?
A sense of wellbeing that built over time.

2.What did you enjoy most about it?
Feeling nurtured and supported.

3.What were the benefits you experienced?
An increased energy supply                                                                            

4.If there was anything you would change about the programme, what would it be?
Can’t think of anything.

5.What you call this programme if you were naming it?
The current name is just fine, Source Connection sums it up too.

6.How would you describe it to a friend?
A great spring-board into increased energy and flow. Dive in!

Kapiti Coast, NZ

7 Day ELEVATE Programme, Sept 2021

I’ve had a wonderful and well-supported week on Elevate. Anna, I love how you anchor group energy creating the opportunity for individual activation which makes it easy for me to shift into deeper states to receive blessings, insights and healing.

I so enjoyed your voicemail message each morning and the special private messages too (always a treat). The last few months have had their challenges for me and this program gave me some much needed support and encouragement.
Melanie Mayell
Christchurch, NZ

7 Day ELEVATE Programme, Sept 2021

I went into the Elevate Programme not knowing, but trusting, that I would find myself in a deeper functional place in my Soul's journey. I trust Anna and I am so glad because as a creative person I blossomed, coming out of a very difficult time.

I loved every moment of the journey, the personal messages each morning the
group messages all anchoring the energy and space that we created in our own

The CREATIVE PROGRAMMES individually are magical …Light, Elevate, Healing etc.,
and the Golden Water is delicious and a must!

Thankyou Anna,
Love and gratitude

Roz Clarke
Melbourne, Australia

22 Day Divine Cosmic Energy Support, August 2021

I found the 22 Day Divine Cosmic Energy Support Program to be transformational. I went from a state of incoherence and a feeling of being mired down with humanity’s ‘stuff’, to a beautiful state of coherence, buoyancy, and a non-attachment to that ‘stuff’.  Those 22 days were also a wonderful experience in themselves, and I look forward to the next time.

New Zealand

7 Day ELEVATE Programme, Sept 2021

This programme was extraordinary in how much happened in such a short space of time.  From the morning meditations of light downloading, to the constant infusion of divine light energies being carried throughout the day and then into something new as we entered the evening sessions.  

The daily meditations shifted from profound, expansive cosmic levels to personal areas for processing.  So much was being released, with moments of clarity before finally letting go.

I was also being taught on the inner planes, in an area I’d identified in invocations as needing guidance.  By the end of the seven days everything highlighted through my invocations had been met on some level.  There was much more than just my written invocations worked on, it was as if the energies at play, were privy to my heart speak.  As the heart opened more, so were my inner yearnings made clearer.

All this journeying was so divinely held in place and in cocreation with the guidance of Anna.  Thankyou Anna.  I cannot speak highly enough of the amazing opportunity you create and how seamlessly and divinely shifts, growth, clarity happen.  The whole experience divine.

Karen McConnell
Auckland, NZ

ELEVATE, Sept 2021

1. What was your overall experience of the 7 ELEVATE programme?
Greatly improved sense of perspective and less time spent in unnecessary/negative thought patterns.

2.What did you enjoy most about it?
An ability to see what is important/worthy of attention vs. what isn’t worth the time or energy.

3.If there was anything you would change about the programme, what would it be? Nothing.

5.What would you call this programme if you were naming it? Keep the name. Elevate is perfect.

6.How would you describe it to a friend?
A focussed week of soul self-care with divine guidance and intercession by Anna.

Kapiti Coast, NZ

22 Day Divine Energy Support Programme, August 2021

The 22 day Divine Cosmic Energy Support Programme, was an extraordinary exposure to uplifting energy and a palpable sense of light filled meditations.  There was the the sense of cosmic connection and also the very personal connection to exactly where I was spiritually.  Throughout the 22 days there was awareness to areas shifting for me, much releasing of old thought patterns and an opening up to directions in areas covered in my invocations.  There was a beautiful unfolding process that was occurring, with so much divine connection to light filled spaces.  All the 1:1 with Anna was incredibly poignant, with useful tools at the right moments.  

Overall I felt very blessed, to have the opportunity, to have such a spiritually guided experience.  Anna you have become such an extraordinary master at what you do.  You are beyond words to explain.

At the outset of the programme I had been experiencing a real mind rut, struggling to shift on this.  The programme was a divine way to shift into joy and reconnect with my own inner divine self.  

I recognise responsibility to my daily choices and feel the beautiful tools given, useful in supporting them.  The tools felt personnel as I was able to connect with them tangibly and we’re perfect for just where I was at.

Simply, a deep thankyou Anna
Karen Savoury
Auckland , NZ 

7 Day ELEVATE Programme, Sept 2021

Anna holds a beautiful space of heart energy and light that feels so supportive over the ELEVATE week.

She also provides special Creation Programmes that she downloads from the energy field that powerfully infuse divine light and healing energy so that you can tap into these over the course of the week for more directed energies to help inspire and elevate your soul. It’s always hard to articulate something that comes from beyond the human mind, but Anna has the tools to help you connect with your soul, hers and divine source to centre and heal your being.

Private 7 Day Vaccine Recovery Programme, Sept 2021

This was a real game changer for me.  I was not comfortable about getting vaccinated.  But I have much trust in Anna and belief, from personal experience, in what is possible in conscious energy work and on other planes.  

The programme that Anna created was hugely supportive in all ways.  Though I was aware of tiredness on a physical level from the shots, it was the impact on my internal light energy that was concerning.  Guided by Anna, it took a lot of intense work, but we were able to navigate our way through it with confidence.

For me it is important to have a trusted doctor for my physical needs.  Equally important, is having a spiritual expert 's guidance on the energetic planes.  For such guidance, considerable trust is required.  So blessed to have you Anna as my spiritual guide for such a life important decision.  

Thankyou and blessings for your advanced work.  

Blessed to have the universe working through you. 

Karen McConnell
Auckland, NZ


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