Screen Clearing Technique

Body, Mind, Emotions, Soul & Spirit

Clearing and releasing density is something which must be undertaken by all Souls at some point in their evolution. Screen Clearing Technique is a master tool being offered to you for you to use now.

Anna says

"Screen Clearing Technique" evolved from years of creating and streamlining several of  my signature clearing techniques. It's potent, and my absolute go to for any emotional or mind clearing requirements. I love doing it because it's simple and the results are so tangible. I am looking forward to sharing this with you!


Empower yourself by learning this simple but effective "Screen Clearing Technique" developed by Anna.

During your session, Anna will teach you how to do the technique and guide you through  a clearing.

Session format & prices

Learn the Screen Clearing Technique:
$333 - 1hr

Guided sessions for those who have learnt the technique but want to consolidate the process or experience Anna guiding them through a clearing:
$240 - 45mins
$60 - for each additional 15 mins thereafter


Screen Clearing gives you a tool at the ready to deal with the curve balls and wild cards life throws at you AKA your negative reactions, angst, lack of forgiveness, undesired thoughts/patterns/feelings etc. It serves your Body, Mind, Emotions, Soul & Spirit in both practical and cosmic ways. 

It is very simple to do.

Screen Clearing Technique supports and strengthens your ability to create your own harmony, inner and outer.

Your part

Use the Screen Clearing Technique as required. Put the effort in and over time you will progressively earn your peace and  freedom! This is truly a "Jewel in the Crown."

By serving the wellbeing of your Body, Mind & Emotions, it leaves spaciousness for you to perceive the guidance of your Soul and find balance, enabling your Spirit to soar. Practicality and Spirituality must work together whilst we walk in our Earthly body!


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