Sound Healingss are offered in person at Marahau Retreat, NZ or via long distance

They are potent, can help move stuck energies and reach into deep parts of our being for our betterment

A truly divine and transporting experience designed to clear, re balance and elevate your entire Being. While you lie down and relax in the Temple, Anna will be uniting with Divine Energies and playing an array of sounds, instruments, music and song.

Everything is designed to seamlessly flow in and through you, filling you with Light and connecting you with a unique inner journey arising from within your own body, mind, soul and spirit. This is a co creative and profound experience. 


Long Distance

5-10 minutes before your appointment, simply lie down in a comfortable cosy space and relax. Make sure not to be disturbed and phones etc are turned off. At the start of your appointment time, Anna will be in the Marahau Retreat Temple co creating your Sound Vibrations.

Stay put during your session and for as long as you feel once it has finished. Afterwards you will receive a recording of your session to listen to whenever you want to.


In person at Marahau Retreat Temple:
1 person: $350 - 1hr 15 mins
2 people: $200 per person - 1hr 20mins
3  people: $180 per person - 1hr 30mins

Long distance with session recording and brief message from Anna:
1 person: $333 - 1hr 15mins

With all energy offerings, it's up to you how you receive it and use it.


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