Vax Recovery Programme

Self Activated and Remote Activation options

Check out both options to see which one you prefer

​ 30 day Self Activated Vax Recovery Programme

Your Vaccine Recovery Programme is energetically available to you for 30 days from the day you received it via email. Anna recommends doing 2-4 rounds of this programme. Additional Healing/Energy Support work is highly recommended.

Programme covers Pre vax/booster Prep, Real Time and Post Vaccine Recovery

Cost: $333 per person 

Upgrade to full Vax Support Package

30 Day Remote Activation Vax Recovery Programme plus Light Waves

For someone who prefers Anna to oversee the energetics
A child or person unable to do it for themselves
Programme is for Post Vaccination only. Anna will activate the programme several times daily for the recipient plus send several light boost waves/energy support daily. Anna recommends doing 1-3 rounds of this programme. Additional Healing/Energy Support work is highly recommended

Cost: $600  Limited spaces for this option

Upgrade to full Remote Activation Vax Support Package

About the Vaccine Recovery Programme

Vaccine Recovery Programme is one of the unique and cutting-edge CREATION PROGRAMME series created by Anna Filliol. All programmes in this series use Cosmic technology from the Golden Fields of Creation and are an energy based service. They are easy to use, potent and empowering. Beneath their simplicity is dynamic precision and vast Cosmic Energy which you can now access as wellbeing tools at the ready. There is also an option in cases where someone wouldn't actually do the programme protocol e.g. a teenager, someone with an illness, young child etc, where, with their permission if possible or at Anna's discretion, Anna can activate it remotely on their behalf.

The Vaccine Recovery Programme includes Pre-Vaccine and Real Time Vaccine Prep and Post Vaccine Recovery.

 If you are starting this programme unvaccinated, you will start at Pre-Vaccine Prep and continue as directed. One week before your second vaccination you will stop doing the Vaccine Recovery part and re start the Pre-Vaccine Prep,  then continue on as directed through the programme. If you have already had one or both vaccinations you will start using the Vaccine Recovery part of the programme.

What's in the Programme?

There are many levels of Divine Cosmic Energy Support layered into your Vaccine Recovery Programme including energetic: clearing, protection, detox, elevation, healing, reignition, revitalising, harmonising, activation of beneficial effects, neutralisation of adverse effects, Light infusion, Light building, Light stabilisation, energy assimilation and more. 

The programme's main focus however is to help you bolster up, regain and then increase your Light frequencies throughout the vaccination stages i.e. pre, during and post vaccination. Why? Because the nature of the Vaccine will cause your Light levels to go down, in some cases significantly, therefore the more Light you embody throughout your pre, real time and post vaccination experience, the better off your whole Being will be.

There is also lots of information from Anna's Cosmic perspective along with audios and pdfs.
Please note that all info shared on this site about the vaccine/virus and Vaccine Recovery Programme is from Anna's perspective and has  no medical or scientific proof backing it.

How do you get the programme?

Once you have purchased your Vaccine Recovery Programme you will receive an email with a Private Access Link to a page on this website. Here you will find audios and pdf notes with: info on how the programme works, vax info from Anna's perspective, your Vaccine Recovery Programme & protocol plus guided audios of the actual processes you need to do.

The process itself is short and simple, with speaking, visualising, breathing and counting components which enable you to energetically activate, download and access the programme. Your Divine Intelligence knows exactly what to do with the programme and how to deliver it to all levels of your Being in alignment with your free will. This is super cool!

How is the programme's energy accessed?

To energetically down load and activate your programme, the simple process you do is like a “click now key” that calls the programme to you every time you do it. Remember we are using cutting edge Cosmic technology here. Anna has chosen a Light visualisation as the "click now key" which is a beneficial training for you in and of itself, however it could just as easily be clap your hands three times. So to clarify, the Vaccine Recovery Programme arrives to you when you do the simple process, the Vaccine Recovery Programme it is not contained within the process therefore there is no need to worry about whether you are doing it properly or not. Your focus and intention are all that is required, just like pressing a "click now key."

How the Vaccine Recovery Programme came into being

Many people were asking Anna about the vaccine and if there was anything she could do to help them. With the current virus and vaccine climate, and the intense fear and duality it is creating, she started looking towards what she could do to help her clients. She began working with clients to help them in Real Time as they were receiving the vaccine and then and or post vaccine. During this period of intense observation, information gathering and learning, she understood to the best of her ability, what was happening to those vaccinated and what was required to help them overcome any adverse experiences along with enhancing any positive benefits of the vaccine within their systems. 

Anna was already offering Divine Cosmic Energy Support Programmes and Creation Programmes to her clients, and it is from this place she has been able to put together access to unprecedented energetic support via an easy to use Vaccine Recovery Programme. 

FYI Anna was/is neither pro nor anti vaccine but certainly wasn't keen to have one however, after successfully working with clients to recover and thrive post vaccination, she decided to get vaccinated for personal freedom and spiritual reasons, and has recently had her first shot which has given her even greater understanding of the process.  

Your understanding & acknowledgement

By choosing to sign up, pay for, receive, and participate in any of the programmes or services Anna offers, you understand and agree that the basis of these is a spiritual energy service and that you take full responsibility for your own wellbeing. All Anna’s CREATION PROGRAMMES are energy based, very new and cutting edge. So far with all participants there has been positive feedback and many successful outcomes. Having said this, the CREATION PROGRAMMES and any of Anna's services, are not a replacement for professional services and treatments. Please note that there is no scientific proof backing any of Anna’s programmes, especially the Vaccine Recovery Programme, there is no scientific proof backing it nor does Anna offer any promise or guarantees of success. 


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