Discover your Soul's original BLUEPRINT which is your Vibrational Signature in the Cosmos. This is a fascinating, revealing and very useful process. In most people it lays down a depth of motive which can be life changing.

As you go through the process you will be amazed at what you discover, not least of all the amazing talents and abilities you already possess within you self.

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General Clearing

Anna offers several CLEARING services for both you and your space. 

She can also teach you simple tools you can use to keep yourself clear on a regular basis or as required.

These sorts of tools are super useful and empowering.

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CLEAR Yourself deeply

This in depth training gives you a "go to toolbox" to deal with the curve balls and wild cards life throws at you AKA your negative reactions, angst and lack of forgiveness. It really does serve your Body, Mind, Emotions, Soul & Spirit in both practical and cosmic ways. 

By supporting the wellbeing of your Body, Mind & Emotions, it leaves spaciousness for you to perceive the guidance of your Soul. The profound balance this creates, enables your Spirit to soar. Practicality and Spirituality must work together whilst we walk this Earth in a body!

Prerequisite: Your BLUEPRINT

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