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I have absolutely valued and appreciated having Anna as my creative director/editor/wingman of this children's book. She has truly taken my precious project to the next level! I am now inspired to use Anna to review my first book, "Starlight saves the World" as I want the same finesse of flow and energy Anna brought to "Starlight Moves to Earth."

I wouldn't publish without her.

Lisa MacKenzie
Author of Stories with Starlight series

Kitty's Kitchen Cookbook....

I have been using Anna’s Creative Services for months now. She has been a crucial part in the creation of my cookbook “Kitty’s Kitchen - Just a little bit naughty"

Once I had written all of my recipes for the book, she helped me narrow it down to the number of recipes I needed for the book. She had wonderful ideas when it came to adding ingredients or simply suggesting that I need more recipes in the “Chicken” or “Sweet Treat” section to help balance out the book. Not only does she pick up on that side of things but she was really helpful with wording and punctuation. She’s brilliant at it!! Under each recipe title in my cook book I have a subtitle explaining what the particular dish means to me. Anna, who always has a way with words really helped me with writing something witty and captivating. She thinks outside the box and really takes reader's opinions into consideration.

 Once the recipes were all organised it was time for the fun part.. shooting the dishes! Anna wasn’t physically at the shoot but I would send her videos and images of the dish before photos were taken. She would say, “Add more props, add fresh basil or chilli for an extra pop of colour, use a wooden serving spoon instead of metal, perhaps serve some of the dish onto a side plate so the images don’t seem repetitive throughout the book."

....launched October 2023

That was just the tip of the iceberg. She always had something to say, an idea or simply just positive feedback which always left me feeling really encouraged and uplifted. Anna helped me go through all of the images and there were hundreds. I had about 5-6 images of each dish and she helped me narrow it down to 1. She has a great eye so this part was relatively quick to get through.

 When the mock-up of my book was sent to me, the first person I called was Anna. We FaceTimed, we went through every single page together and she had so many ideas. We changed the font colours (to help tie in with the colour of the dish) and a couple of other things. To be honest, I was really happy with the first mock-up so we only had to do some minor tweaks.

Not only was Anna absolutely incredible to work with and had endless fabulous ideas. She also really understood my vision and adapted her thoughts and ideas to suit what I had desired. She is an incredible listener, very cool, calm and collected to work with. Anna was a key factor in making my cook book come to life. I couldn’t fault her. Anyone would be silly not to hire her!!

Thank you Anna xx
Kitty Williams @Kittys_kitchen instagram 

More reviews coming soon


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