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Let's get your project moving...

Elevate your Creative Project!

Would you like some support and intuitive collaboration while you create your projects? A second pair of eyes with a natural sense of energy flow, colour, composition and flair?

I can help you check and tweak your creation's words, looks, images and layouts as they progress. Examples: what looks good where, what might be lacking, what could be added, finding the "pop", wording suggestions, editing*, character development, depth & layering, continuity, co-creating, bouncing ideas, brain storming, visual developments. I help you to get things feeling and looking  "just right" for the unique message and energies you want to get across.

*Please note I am not a qualified/professional editor...but I have done plenty of writing and developmental editing work.

What kind of projects?

Illustrated books e.g. short children's stories, recipe books, soulful books etc. Inspirational/Wellbeing cards. Artistic, visual and crafting projects of all kinds plus website vibes, flyers, merch and anything else you might be creating.

I love helping people create high vibe (and practical) looks and feels in their projects. I love supporting others in their creative processes and bringing them to fruition.

My ideal is to work with people who have already started into their project but I am also open to brand new projects and pre project  "Creative Spark" activation sessions.

Let's make some magic together!

Anna says

My input is all about flow, visuals, placement, wording, feels, vibes and energetic alignment.  It's also about generating project synergy and helping you arrive at results you love!  I'm very much an "ideas" person but also super practical.  I am sooooo excited to be offering these Creative Services and  look forward to working with you.

Clients say

Not only was Anna absolutely incredible to work with and had endless fabulous ideas. She also really understood my vision and adapted her thoughts and ideas to suit what I had desired. She is an incredible listener, very cool, calm and collected to work with. Anna was a key factor in making my cook book come to more reviews

How it works

As Anna works with you on your project, she communicates via recorded messages or live calls if needed. She occasionally sends written notes but mostly not as this can block her creative flow plus she finds audio the most efficient use of your paid time. 
Please note that  Anna is not  a tech, designer or marketing person nor qualified editor.

Ready to get creating?

6 hr Package

Most popular

Initial intro chat
All as described above
Creative collaboration 
Audio comms from Anna
Audio chats with Anna
Motivation/Accountability i.e "being on your case in a good way!"
Package: $1,500
If  project needs longer than 6hr Package then  we move into a special hourly rate of $200 per hr

3 hr Package

Good for short bursts

Initial intro chat
All as described above
Creative collaboration 
Audio comms from Anna
Audio chats with Anna
Motivation/Accountability i.e "being on your case in a good way!"
3 hr Package: $900
If  project needs longer than 3hr Package then  we move into a special hourly rate of $250 per hr

Hourly Rate

For small tweaks

When you know your project is only needing a brief interaction with Anna. Maybe just a quick check over, some tweaks, a couple of ideas, a few pointers...

Per hour: $300

Creative Spark

Activation Sessions

Chat re your current ideas
Brainstorm/sound board
Create flow
Ignite energy
Intuitive guidance
Spontaneous ideas
Get creating
Call in the right vibes
Activate the magic
And more...
Use these sessions at any time pre or during your creative project
30 mins: $120
45 mins: $180
1 hr:  $240

I have been using Anna’s Creative Services for months now. She has been a crucial part in the creation of my cookbook 
Kitty’s Kitchen
"Just a little bit naughty"

I wouldn't publish without her.


She has truly taken my precious project to the next level! I am now inspired to use Anna to review my first book, "Starlight helps save the World" as I want the same finesse of flow and energy Anna brought to "Starlight Moves to Earth."


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