Let me help you bring the flow into your project...

Elevate your Creative Project!

Would you like some support and intuitive collaboration while you create your projects? A second pair of eyes with a natural sense of energy flow, colour, composition and flair?

I would love to help you tweak and check your creation's looks and layouts as they progress. For example: what looks good where, what might be lacking, wording suggestions, brief editing,  co-creating, bouncing or brainstorming ideas,  helping you to get things feeling and looking  "just right" for the energy and unique message you want to get across.

What kind of projects?

Short illustrated books e.g. children's stories, recipe books,  plus websites, merch and anything else you might be creating which Anna feels a connection with. 

I love helping people create high vibe (and practical) feels in their projects. To help them in their decision making processes and much more. My ideal is to work with people who have already started into their project but I am also open to pre project intuitive brainstorming sessions.

How does it work

4 hr Package

Initial intro chat
3 revisions
Audio comms from Anna

By the hour

Per hour $250


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