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What people are saying about the CREATION PROGRAMMES

 So divine and supportive thank you

I love using them as meditations

I feel so centred, peaceful and relaxed after using them

They are so empowering

I love that I can do them any time

Extraordinary tools for transformation and cover so much

There are so many lessons held within the programmes



To access 24 CREATION PROGRAMMES please contact Anna re info and payment, and when payment is received she will send your private access link to your email. 

Cost options for unlimited access each month:
$99 per month
$150 per month includes TRANSMUTE Creation Programme
$350 for 3months includesTRANSMUTE Creation Programme 

Access to the programmes runs from the start to the finish of each month.

If you join part way through a month it will be $30 per week even if you start on a day other than the Monday of that week (Monday is considered the first day of each week).

Currently while ELEVATE Member's Zone is still in the making, you can purchase CREATION PROGRAMMES without being an ELEVATE Zone Member


All CREATION PROGRAMMES are created by Anna using Cosmic technology

They are easy to use, potent and self empowering. 

Please note that CREATION PROGRAMMES are 100% energy based service and are vigilantly maintained, activated, upgraded and made energetically accessible to you by Anna.

All Creation Programmes are designed to be energetically available only once your payment has been made.

How long is a Creation Programme active? 
Whenever you download and activate one of the CREATION PROGRAMMES it will be active for up to 12 hours.

Once your paid for access has completed or if you cancel your membership subscription, your energetic access to the CREATION PROGRAMMES is deactivated.

How to use them

Select from a menu and follow a relaxing and simple guided audio or pdf notes protocol for each CREATION PROGRAMME. Use them individually or in bundles 1 - 6 times a day. 

I recommend working with a limit of 1 - 3 different programmes per day.  Each CREATION PROGRAMME is energetically unique, powerful and vast therefore space is required to truly assimilate and understand the benefits of each programme. 

Occasionally if you are in a dedicated space e.g. on retreat or giving yourself a whole day of focussed intent and integration time, you could use more programmes in a day. Of course, this is entirely up to you and everyone is different.


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