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CREATION PROGRAMMES are coming soon for you to use in the form of recordings and pdf downloads.
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All CREATION PROGRAMMES are created by Anna using Cosmic technology

They are easy to use, potent and self empowering. 

Please note that CREATION PROGRAMMES are 100% energy based service and are vigilantly maintained, activated, upgraded and made energetically accessible to you by Anna.

How long is a Creation Programme active? Whenever you download and activate one of the CREATION PROGRAMMES below it will be active for 12 hours. If you cancel your membership subscription, your energetic access to the CREATION PROGRAMMES is deactivated.

How to use them

Select from a menu and follow a relaxing and simple protocol for each CREATION PROGRAMME. Use them individually or in bundles 1 - 2 times a day. I recommend working with a limit of 1-3 programmes per day.  Each CREATION PROGRAMME is energetically unique, powerful and vast therefore space is required to truly assimilate and understand the benefits, hence less is more in a day.

Occasionally if you are in a dedicated space e.g. on retreat or giving yourself a whole day of focussed intent and integration time, you could use more programmes. Of course, this is entirely up to you and everyone is different.

About and How to use the CREATION PROGRAMME audio

 It’s always hard to articulate something that comes from beyond the human mind, but Anna has the tools to help you connect with your soul, hers and divine source to centre and heal your being.

More info coming soon


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