Session instructions:

Firstly, having booked and paid for your Healing session, please send an email to Anna, the day before your session, with any specific things you would like addressed in this session.  

Alternatively leave everything to the Divine Cosmic Intelligence and simply open your Being to receive. Remember, your Creator knows you and all your needs.

5 - 10 minutes (or longer) before your session commences, make sure you are settled down and resting, either sitting or lying undisturbed for the duration of the session, same for the Time Release Capsule option which goes through at 4am NZ time, hopefully while you are asleep.

Divine Healing a deeply sacred offering. It is up to you how sacred you make the lead up to your session however there are some important guidelines.  See right for Dos & Don'ts.

Dos & don'ts

Do feel free to fall asleep. Listening to gentle music is fine. If absolutely necessary, getting up slowly to use the toilet or get a drink of water is fine but go back to resting immediately after.

Don't go out and about while your booked session is taking place. No alcohol etc on session day and ideally not the day before nor the day after. During the session, please no reading or watching screens, listening to podcasts or any other distractions other than gentle music or silence.

If you do happen to go out and about whilst booked into a session for whatever reason, the Divine Cosmic Energy will place you into a gorgeous cocoon of love, peace and protection but you will not receive any other energetics. This is for your wellbeing while you are on the move and overall (individual or group) harmony.

Rest post session  to let the powerful energetics assimilate and feel free to drift off to sleep anytime. If you are going to listen, read or watch anything, avoid all negativity in the content. Avoid engaging in conversation post session as well, especially banal or negative conversation.


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