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When healing is offered, it is up to the recipient to receive it and in what quantity, but above all, it is up to God

Where and what?

In the comfort of your own space, you can soak up Divine Healing energies filled with Light, Love, Harmony, Healing, Energy Support, Rejuvenation, Upliftment, alignment to source and more. Deep clearing and transmutation will occur wherever necessary. 

Everyone needs energetic support in their lives. Just as we eat food, drink water and breathe air, we also utilise energy and we want this energy to be pure and healthy.

Nearly all Healings are done long distance.

Healing techniques

Each healing I do is completely unique to your needs and I am guided as the energies unfold in your session. I use many different techniques and am constantly upgrading in the Divine Energy flow of NOW.  

Healing Session Times are usually

-REAL TIME: 5pm - 6pm NZ


If Real Time 5pm - 6pm NZ Time doesn't work for you, you can book the Time Capsule Release option. For example, if your session is booked on 3rd March, Anna will be doing your session during the day on 3rd March as you go about your day. You simply go to sleep on the night of the 3rd March and receive your Healing experience in the wee hours of 4th March between 4am - 5am NZ time. 

Please read Healing Session Instructions and Dos & Don'ts

About Healing

LIGHT shines into the darkness
And disperses it
Leaving spaciousness for LIGHT to gather
HEALING brings more LIGHT

HEALING is God's grace touching you; Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit

Around the age of 27, I underwent a mystical experience which sparked an intense spiritual awakening and unwavering life long relationship with the Divine. At 33, I trained as a Spiritual Healer in Australia. For the last 28 years,  Healing has underpinned all my energy work with humanity, animals, plants, living spaces, work spaces and the Earth. 

How your session will take place

Healings are usually done via long distance: 

They take place in conscious Real Time or as a Time Capsule Release for when you are asleep, whichever one you prefer. You can opt to receive a recorded message debrief directly after the session, to your email or text. Please note that if, after receiving your recorded message post healing and want to discuss your healing further, you will need to book a 1:1 session with Anna at the usual rates 

Before your session please feel free to send me a written message of anything you would like especially focussed on during your healing. I suggest you write this under headings e.g. BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS, SOUL/SPIRIT where applicable.

Adults, children and  pets are welcome

All Healings seek to create peace, balance, harmony and upliftment on all levels of your Being including: body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit. They also involve clearing when required. When necessary, healing brings comfort and support to those in the process of dying and also their support people. 

Please note that by paying for and receiving any service from Anna, you understand and agree that: Anna is not a medical professional and does not offer professional medical diagnosis. All information she relays to you is her opinion only and you will always seek professional help as needed. All healing sessions Anna offers are purely energy based and do not replace professional assistance e.g. doctors, hospitals, counsellors, lawyers etc


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