About Marahau Soul Retreat

Experience a private Retreat on Anna’s beautiful magical land in Marahau, overlooking the Abel Tasman National Park.

About the Retreat

Marahau Retreat offers you a space where you can return to the essence of who you truly are. A place where you can rest, relax amid nature and gain new perspective by having time to listen to the rhythm of your own Heart. Cocooned in a place of serenity, Marahau Soul Retreat makes an ideal setting for being alone and quiet but not isolated. It is also a place where you can opt to do dynamic transformations.
Each of us has different needs at different times and this is something that calls to be honoured and nurtured. This is the philosophy of our retreat. Everything from pure relaxation to advancing your spiritual journey is possible during your retreat time.
Anna has put together some wonderful packages and options for you to select from, all of which are designed to support your requirements and create exactly the kind of time out you want to experience.

Packages are available for 3, 4 or 5 night options and include your accommodation, all food,  Retreat sessions with Anna including combos of: deep conversation, intuitive guidance, flow exercises, meditations, mantra, nature excursions time permitting, Your BLUEPRINT,  divine music, sound baths and generally flowing with the frequencies.

Getting to Marahau Retreat It's very easy to get to Marahau Retreat...just fly into Nelson Airport, New Zealand and select from our transfer options.  Marahau Retreat is about 1 hour's drive from Nelson Airport. You can either drive or we have local people who can do your transfers. 

Sessions with Anna
You will spend between 2 - 4 hours a day with Anna, depending whether you are meeting once or twice in the day, at mutually agreed times, usually in the morning after breakfast at 10am and early evening around 5 or 6pm. These sessions are mostly in the (new) Temple but also some can be out in nature. The session timing is planned to allow a good balance of solo time for you to rest, explore, siesta, exercise, chill, journal, contemplate etc.
Yummy Food - 2 meals a day plus snacks
Two simple but tasty vegan  meals are provided during your retreat. Continental breakfast supplies are stocked in your accommodation so you can eat when you please in the morning. Around 1.30 - 2pm a hearty meal is delivered to you in the Chalet. This meal also includes a soup or juice you can save for later if you want to eat a light supper. In the Chalet is a selection of herbal & black tea plus plunger coffee along with some snacks like crackers, peanut butter and spreads. Everyone feels very full and nourished on Retreat!

 Anna's tips and requests
If at all possible I highly recommend a 4 or 5 night retreat as much can transform during a longer stay.

Please do not come on Retreat to detox. It is best to detox before your Retreat as detox symptoms can be unpleasant and could detract from your enjoyment of this sacred time. 

And on the note of "sacred" please treat the lead up to and several days after your retreat as sacred days.

 I can’t quite express adequately here the shift I experienced on retreat with Anna which has profoundly changed my life. Giselle, Wellington, NZ


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